MEDICA App COMPETITION - Rückblick 2015

Gewinner der MEDICA App COMPETITION 2015

Foto: Die drei Gewinner der App COMPETITION präsentieren ihre Urkunden; (c) Messe Düsseldorf/ ctillmann
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2. Platz: Benjamin Choukroun, Founder & CEO, Smoke Watchers
Joachim Schäfer, Geschäftsführer, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
1. Platz: Maren Lesche, Advisor, Talkitt
3. Platz: Donny Rose, Head of Product Group, MobileODT

Das sind die Plätze 1-3 der MEDICA App COMPETITION 2015

1. Platz und Preisgewinner: Talkitt

Grafik: Icon Talkitt

Talkitt aims to revolutionize the way people who have speech disabilities due to various motor, speech and language disabilities communicate, enabling them to use the most natural means there is, their own voice.

Maren Lesche, Advisor

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2. Platz: SmokeWatchers

Grafik: Icon SmokeWatchers

A complete tool to monitor smoking addiction and kick the habit through real-time support and connected devices.

App : Android is available in France and we will open the app in Germany for the event!

Presenter: Benjamin Choukroun, Founder & CEO

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3. Platz: MobileODT

Grafik: Icon MobileODT

The CervDx powers MobileODT's Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System, used by trained healthcare professionals to conduct smarter visual cervical cancer screenings by enabling providers to manage patient information, consult with peers for second opinions, and refer patients for the proper care.

Donny Rose, Head of Products

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Foto: Die Teilnehmer des Live-Pitches der App COMPETITION im Gruppenfoto; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ H. Riahi

Moderator und Live Pitch-Teilnehmer der MEDICA App COMPETITION 2015 auf der Bühne am MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM in Halle 15

Weitere nominierte Teilnehmer des Live Pitches waren:


Grafik: Icon Braincontrol

Braincontrol is a breakthrough technology that gives disabled people the power to control objects with their minds.

Mehr über Braincontrol erfahren Sie unter:

CardioSecure PRO


Grafik: Icon Doctome

Doctome developed an innovative telemedicine platform that enables provisioning of online medical services, using video calls/chat anywhere around the globe, by doctors speaking the patient's language, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Mehr über Doctome erfahren Sie unter:

iFeel Labs Match3

Grafik: Icon iFeellabs

The iFeel Labs Match3 game uses a biosense sensor to help asthma and COPD patients learn how to breathe effectively and improve pulmonary function.

Mehr über iFeel Labs Match3 erfahren Sie unter:


Grafik: Icon myHealthBox

myHealthbox ("better information for better health") provides a platform to access official Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) information on medicines and healthcare products.

Mehr über myHealthBox erfahren Sie unter:

Oviva Coach

Grafik: Icon Oviva

The Oviva Coach app allows patients receiving nutritional counselling to easily communicate with their therapist between sessions (text messages, surveys, documents) and collect important data (meal photos, wearables connectivity).

Mehr über Oviva erfahren Sie unter:


Grafik: Icon Serenita

Serenita is a stress and focus management App that is using the phone’s camera in order to asses the stress (and focus) levels and suggest a personalized breathing pattern in order to reduce (increase) it in a most time efficient manner.

Mehr über den Hersteller EcoFusion Ltd. erfahren Sie unter: