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Seeking ways to prevent some of the most serious foodborne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria, two Washington State University scientists have found promise in an ancient but common cooking spice: cinnamon. Read more

Copyright: Robert Hubner/WSU Photo Services Top News Preventing foodborne illness, naturally - with cinnamon

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World Hepatitis Day - 07/28/2014

Look twice first and then act! This year’s World Hepatitis Day takes place under the motto “Think again.” Read more

Copyright: World Hepatitis Alliance World Hepatitis Day 07/28/2014

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Topic of the Month July: The skin - protecting the body, indicating diseases

The human skin often is called a protective shield since it acts as a barrier for pathogens that try to enter the body. The skin is sometimes also considered a window to look inside the body, because it displays symptoms of some diseases. Read more

Photo: Two hands; Copyright: Moya/ Topic of the Month July: The skin - protecting the body, indicating diseases

Who is Who? - Healthy connected

Become a member of the Who is Who community and find suiting contact partners. Create your own profile and network with members from similiar professional branches or departments. Check out Who is Who

Who is Who? Network with MEDICA visitors

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Press Release

From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with new dates from Monday to Thursday

Read more

Photo: Press; © Konopka Press Release From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with New Dates

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From Our Interviews

Prof. Dirk Müller-Wieland about the problem diabetes Read more

Health at the workplace - also in old age

Many companies actively contribute in promoting the health of their employees. More Videos

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Topic of the Month July

The skin - protecting the body, indicating diseases Read more

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Bacteria swim with whole body, not just propellers

22/07/2014 - When it comes to swimming, the bodies of some bacteria are more than just dead weight, according to new research from Brown University. read more

Human platelets from next-generation bioreactor

22/07/2014 - Scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) have developed a scalable, next-generation platelet bioreactor to generate fully functional human platelets in vitro. The work is a major biomedical advancement that will help address blood transfusion needs worldwide. read more

New findings show strikingly early seeding of HIV viral reservoir

21/07/2014 - The most critical barrier for curing HIV-1 infection is the presence of the viral reservoir, the cells in which the HIV virus can lie dormant for many years and avoid elimination by antiretroviral drugs. Very little has been known about when and where the viral reservoir is established during acute HIV-1 infection, or the extent to which it is susceptible to early antiretroviral therapy (ART). read more

Teaching the brain to reduce pain

16/07/2014 - People can be conditioned to feel less pain when they hear a neutral sound, new research from the University of Luxembourg has found. This lends weight to the idea that we can learn to use mind-over-matter to beat pain. read more

Wisconsin scientists find genetic recipe to turn stem cells to blood

15/07/2014 - The ability to reliably and safely make in the laboratory all of the different types of cells in human blood is one key step further. A group led by University of Wisconsin-Madison stem cell researcher Igor Slukvin reports the discovery of two genetic programs responsible for taking blank-slate stem cells and turning them into both red and the array of white cells that make up human blood. read more

Researchers invent nanotech microchip to diagnose type-1 diabetes

15/07/2014 - An inexpensive, portable, microchip-based test for diagnosing type-1 diabetes could improve patient care worldwide and help researchers better understand the disease, according to the device's inventors at the Stanford University School of Medicine. read more

Study reveals protective role for specialized cells

11/07/2014 - Research in the UCR School of Medicine laboratory of David Lo found that certain cells of the epithelium have a potentially important role in immune surveillance – creating an electrostatic repulsion field to microbial invasion. read more

Protein pushes breast cancer cells to metastasize

11/07/2014 - Using an innovative tool that captures heretofore hidden ways that cells are regulated, scientists at Rockefeller University have identified a protein that makes breast cancer cells more likely to metastasize. read more

Malaria: New details about an old pathogen

10/07/2014 - A previously unknown type of gene regulation involving the malaria pathogen has been discovered by an international team of researchers. Scientists from the University of Würzburg were among the party. It remains to be seen whether the discovery will lead to the development of new drugs. read more

Blocking cells' movement to stop the spread of cancer

10/07/2014 - Insights into how cells move through the body could lead to innovative techniques to stop cancer cells from spreading and causing secondary tumors, according to new UCL research. Scientists discovered that cells can change into an invasive, liquid-like state to readily navigate the narrow channels in our body. read more

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