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Interviews Concerning Health Politics

Interviews concerning health politics

Good health is human's most precious thing. Since that applies to everyone politics concerned with health turn into an interesting, sometimes explosive subject. speaks with managers, experts and politicians about news from health politics.


Radiopharmaceuticals: Individualized diagnostics and therapy

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[03/08/2015] Malignant tumors can be fought with X-rays – usually with radiation therapy from outside the body. Nuclear medicine physicians can also accomplish this inside the body with radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals. They also offer big benefits for clinical diagnostics as long as a specific target can be assigned to them.Radiopharmaceuticals: Individualized diagnostics and therapy - Read more

Patient 2.0, heal thyself!

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Photo: Older man using a tablet [30/07/2015] Researchers in Denmark explain how the new paradigm of a digital healthcare system, as it matures, is putting the picture of the doctor-patient relationship in an entirely new frame and not always in a positive way.Patient 2.0, heal thyself! - Read more

Earlier diagnosis of chest tumors

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Photo: Two women in front of a computer monitor [24/07/2015] Researchers led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have developed new diagnostic criteria to enable clinicians to distinguish malignant cancerous chest cavity masses from those caused by fungal histoplasmosis infection.Earlier diagnosis of chest tumors - Read more

Iron-containing inflammatory cells in Alzheimer's brains

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Graphic: Tree with a face looses it's leaves [24/07/2015] Examining post-mortem tissue from the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease, Stanford University School of Medicine investigators identified what appear to be iron-containing microglia -- specialized scavenger cells that sometimes become inflammatory -- in a particular part of the hippocampus, a key brain structure whose integrity is critical to memory formation.Iron-containing inflammatory cells in Alzheimer's brains - Read more

New material forges the way for 'stem cell factories'

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Photo: Man holding a vial [23/07/2015] If you experience a major heart attack the damage could cost you around five billion heart cells. Experts at The University of Nottingham have discovered the first fully synthetic substrate with potential to grow billions of stem cells. The research could forge the way for the creation of 'stem cell factories' - the mass production of human embryonic (pluripotent) stem cells.New material forges the way for 'stem cell factories' - Read more


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