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Interviews Concerning Health Politics

Interviews concerning health politics

Good health is human's most precious thing. Since that applies to everyone politics concerned with health turn into an interesting, sometimes explosive subject. speaks with managers, experts and politicians about news from health politics.


"We simply want to improve intensive care medicine"

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[22/01/2015] Something we learned from nuclear power plants: since 2010, peer reviews are being conducted in German intensive care units. These voluntary peer reviews are primarily intended to improve the quality of intensive care medicine. Ultimately, it is not just the patient, but also the hospital that benefits from this."We simply want to improve intensive care medicine" - Read more

IBD: When genetics and environment interact

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[05/01/2015] T-cells are the guardians of our immune system. When they show changes, it can lead to severe inflammatory responses in the body. It is believed that the T-cells in persons who are affected by inflammatory bowel disease don’t work properly. Two proteins that can be found on activated T-cells and that interact with each other are now being analyzed. IBD: When genetics and environment interact - Read more

Colorful nano-guides to the liver

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Graphic: Scheme of a nanoparticle [05/12/2014] Jena scientists have been successful in producing highly specific nanoparticles. Depending on the bound dye the particles are guided to the liver or to the kidney and deliver their payload of active ingredients directly to the targeted tissue. The dyes also enable the tracking of the transport processes by intravital microscopy or, in a non-invasive way, by multi spectral optoacoustic tomography.Colorful nano-guides to the liver - Read more

How new insight into cells could lead to better drugs

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Photo: immune cells [20/11/2014] A team at the Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research, working in collaboration with global healthcare company GSK, investigated how different types of immune cells communicate with each other - and how they kill cancerous or infected cells.How new insight into cells could lead to better drugs - Read more

Drugs that protect organs during transplantation

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Photo: doctors during a transplantation [18/11/2014] Organs can become significantly damaged during transplantation, but a new article published in the BJS (British Journal of Surgery) offers a protective strategy that could keep them safe and allow them to function optimally after the procedure.Drugs that protect organs during transplantation - Read more


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