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Interviews Concerning Health Politics

Interviews concerning health politics

Good health is human's most precious thing. Since that applies to everyone politics concerned with health turn into an interesting, sometimes explosive subject. speaks with managers, experts and politicians about news from health politics.


Wearable interface to make prosthetics more comfortable

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Photo: Bubble actuator [24/10/2014] UT Arlington researchers have been awarded a $744,300 grant from the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Orthapaedic Research Program to create an adaptive interface that fits between a prosthetic and a patient's limb so that the fit and comfort of the prosthetic are improved.Wearable interface to make prosthetics more comfortable - Read more

Inventing a healthier future

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[14/10/2014] Innovation in medical technologies is booming. That is why MEDICA and COMPAMED attract such huge audiences each year, and an increasing number of exhibitors. New technologies are combining material science, electronics, engineering and biochemistry. With an increasing number of us living longer, the market for healthcare appliances has ever greater potential.Inventing a healthier future - Read more

Attacking type 2 diabetes from a new direction

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Photo: Victor Shengkan Jin [06/10/2014] Type 2 diabetes affects an estimated 28 million Americans according to the American Diabetes Association, but medications now available only treat symptoms, not the root cause of the disease. New research from Rutgers shows promising evidence that a modified form of a different drug, niclosamide – now used to eliminate intestinal parasites – may hold the key to battling the disease at its source. Attacking type 2 diabetes from a new direction - Read more

CeramTec: "Every 30 seconds a hip joint prosthesis by CeramTec is implanted"

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[01/10/2014] High quality ceramic products play an increasingly important role in medical technology. From lithotripters about hip prosthesis up to anesthesia devices – Advanced Ceramic is used in a variety of medical equipments, but also in the human body.CeramTec: "Every 30 seconds a hip joint prosthesis by CeramTec is implanted" - Read more

Modified Antibiotic to Vanquish Resistant Bacteria

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Photo: Pills [18/09/2014] Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised a new antibiotic based on vancomycin that is powerfully effective against vancomycin-resistant strains of MRSA and other disease-causing bacteria.Modified Antibiotic to Vanquish Resistant Bacteria - Read more


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