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Interviews Concerning Health Politics

Interviews concerning health politics

Good health is human's most precious thing. Since that applies to everyone politics concerned with health turn into an interesting, sometimes explosive subject. speaks with managers, experts and politicians about news from health politics.


Heart attack: Differences between women and men

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Graphic: Heart in the human body [19/05/2015] There is a statistically significant difference in how women and men are treated following a heart attack. These gender differences are reflected in the rate of risk factor control, which was lower in women, and in the rate of hospital readmission for a further heart attack, which was higher in women than in men. The conclusions are reported in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.Heart attack: Differences between women and men - Read more

How cardiac arrhythmias develop

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Photo: Heart alert on a cardiogram [06/05/2015] Cardiac arrhythmias affect a high proportion of the aging population. Mitochondria are the "powerhouses of the cells", and scientists in Cologne have now shown that even a few heart cells with reduced mitochondrial function are sufficient to trigger arrhythmias.How cardiac arrhythmias develop - Read more

EHR may not improve outcomes in ischemic stroke patients

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Photo: Electronic health record sheet [05/05/2015] Electronic health records may be necessary for a more high-tech and transparent health care system, but hospitals with electronic health records for ischemic stroke patients did not demonstrate better quality of care or clinical outcomes for those patients when compared to similar hospitals without electronic health records. EHR may not improve outcomes in ischemic stroke patients - Read more

New material for creating artificial blood vessels

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Graphic: Blood vessel with erythrocytes [29/04/2015] Blocked blood vessels can quickly become dangerous. It is often necessary to replace a blood vessel – either by another vessel taken from the body or even by artificial vascular prostheses. Together, Vienna University of Technology and Vienna Medical University have developed artificial blood vessels made from a special elastomer material, which has excellent mechanical properties.New material for creating artificial blood vessels - Read more

A recipe for long-lasting livers

Graphic: Model of human body with liver highlighted [23/04/2015] People waiting for organ transplants may soon have higher hopes of getting the help that they need in time. Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology have developed a new technique that extends the time that donor organs last and can also resuscitate organs obtained after cardiac arrest.A recipe for long-lasting livers - Read more


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