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Interviews Concerning Health Politics

Interviews concerning health politics

Good health is human's most precious thing. Since that applies to everyone politics concerned with health turn into an interesting, sometimes explosive subject. speaks with managers, experts and politicians about news from health politics.


Great leaps forward thanks to new methods

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[01/02/2016] Self-healing powers like a superhero on the big screen? That’s the aim of regenerative medicine; at least in a very broad sense. This promising field of biomedicine is currently highly dynamic with innovative technologies and development. New methods are designed to help propel medicine into a whole new sphere.Great leaps forward thanks to new methods - Read more

Learning to live with diabetes

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Photo: Diabetes lettering [06/11/2015] Calculating bread units, measuring blood sugar and injecting insulin. These are just three of many things that diabetics have to observe. Especially for young type 1 patients it is difficult to see the new situation rightly after the diagnosis. A part of their lifestyle changes. In diabetics meetings everyone helps them in dealing with the disease and to "manage" the diabetes together.Learning to live with diabetes - Read more

Treating pulmonary diseases using alaska pollock gelatin

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Photo: blood vessel [28/10/2015] In recent years, patients with pulmonary emphysema have been increasing mainly among middle-aged and elderly males due to aging and excessive smoking. Emphysema makes brittle lungs, and in severe cases, holes develop in the lung tissue, causing air leakage. Researchers at NIMS developed a new sealant to close holes developed in lungs and blood vessels using Alaska pollock gelatin.Treating pulmonary diseases using alaska pollock gelatin - Read more

Geriatrics: walking better with smartphones

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Photo: Older woman walks with a rollator [22/10/2015] Many end-users already have had a smartphone that counts steps and apps that help in disease prevention for a long time. But in professional medical use environments like hospitals and physicians' offices these little helpers are just arriving - or not even there yet. Still, these gadgets can make assessments easier and more precise. For example in geriatrics.Geriatrics: walking better with smartphones - Read more

MRI shows heart ages differently in women than in men

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Photo: Person lying in a MRI [20/10/2015] The main pumping chamber of the heart ages differently in men and women, according to a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study published online in the journal Radiology. Researchers said the findings may support different treatment approaches for men and women with heart disease.MRI shows heart ages differently in women than in men - Read more


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