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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Interviews concerning innovations

Inventions, technologies, devices - something new always happens in the field of medical technology. Experts, researchers and inventors talk about prospects of new treatments and sometimes also their dangers - on


High frequency stimulation in pain medicine

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Photo: Hand with two attached electrodes [27/11/2015] Due to disease-related changes in their brain, pain patients often suffer from an impaired tactile ability in their hands. In a pilot study conducted by scientists at the Ruhr-University Bochum, high frequency repetitive stimulation was investigated as a therapeutic approach for these patients.High frequency stimulation in pain medicine - Read more

Mini-intestine grown in a test tube

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Photo: Artificially grown mini-intestine [24/11/2015] The ability to grow three-dimensional precursors of an organ from stem cells in a Petri dish has brought about a revolution in the field of biomedicine. But exactly what can be researched on such an organoid in vitro?Mini-intestine grown in a test tube - Read more

New insights in the search for treatments for neurological diseases

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Graphic: Neurons [19/11/2015] A team of researchers led by professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB/KU Leuven) has exposed the fine details of a mechanism that provides more insight in the communication between neurons.New insights in the search for treatments for neurological diseases - Read more

Strangled cells condense their DNA

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Photo: DNA in a cell [11/11/2015] Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) have been able to see, for the first time, the dramatic changes that occur in the DNA of cells that are starved of oxygen and nutrients. The findings provide new insight into the damage these diseases cause and may help researchers to discover new ways of treating them.Strangled cells condense their DNA - Read more

Safety concept for removing brain tumors

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Graphic: simulation of a brain operation [09/11/2015] A safety concept for removing brain tumors developed at the Inselspital leads to the best results for patients anywhere in the world, in honor of which it was awarded a prize at this year’s European Congress of Neurosurgery in Madrid.Safety concept for removing brain tumors - Read more


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