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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Interviews concerning innovations

Inventions, technologies, devices - something new always happens in the field of medical technology. Experts, researchers and inventors talk about prospects of new treatments and sometimes also their dangers - on


Epilepsy at the Molecular Level

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Graphic: Myelin Fibers cell structure [10/02/2016] Why does a structural irregularity in the temporal lobe make humans more susceptible to epileptic seizures? A group of scientists at the Freiburg University Medical Center consisting of members of the University of Freiburg’s Cluster of Excellence Brain Links–Brain Tools has published a study involving a comparison of nearly 30,000 genes in the journal Cerebral Cortex. Epilepsy at the Molecular Level - Read more

Disruptions to embryonic reprogramming alter adult mouse behavior

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Photo: One and two cell mouse embryos [05/02/2016] When the process of epigenetic reprogramming is defective in mouse development, the consequences in adulthood can include abnormal repetitive behaviors, scientists have shown.Disruptions to embryonic reprogramming alter adult mouse behavior - Read more

Schizophrenia: brains of patients vary

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Graphic: Human Brain [02/02/2016] An international team, made up of researchers from the University of Granada, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of South Florida, has linked the symptoms of schizophrenia with the anatomical characteristics of the brain, by employing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).Schizophrenia: brains of patients vary - Read more

Great leaps forward thanks to new methods

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[01/02/2016] Self-healing powers like a superhero on the big screen? That’s the aim of regenerative medicine; at least in a very broad sense. This promising field of biomedicine is currently highly dynamic with innovative technologies and development. New methods are designed to help propel medicine into a whole new sphere.Great leaps forward thanks to new methods - Read more

New approach to tackle haemophilia

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Photo: Doctor is taking blood from patient [21/01/2016] Fighting haemophilia A, a bleeding disorder, with the body's own cells: That is the goal of a new international research consortium led by scientists from Würzburg. The EU funds the project with around 5.5 million euro. New approach to tackle haemophilia - Read more


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