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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Interviews concerning innovations

Inventions, technologies, devices - something new always happens in the field of medical technology. Experts, researchers and inventors talk about prospects of new treatments and sometimes also their dangers - on


Sleep makes our memories more accessible

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Photo: Man in bed trying to turn off the alarm [27/07/2015] Sleeping not only protects memories from being forgotten, it also makes them easier to access, according to new research from the University of Exeter and the Basque Centre for Cognition, Brain and Language. The findings suggest that after sleep we are more likely to recall facts which we could not remember while still awake.Sleep makes our memories more accessible - Read more

Biomarkers in blood shown to be indicators of brain damage

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Photo: Blood viales [23/07/2015] Researchers have shown that the levels of two proteins present in blood and cerebrospinal fluid increase significantly at different time points following traumatic brain injury (TBI), confirming their potential value as biomarkers of trauma-related brain damage.Biomarkers in blood shown to be indicators of brain damage - Read more

Observing brain network dynamics to diagnose Alzheimer's

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Graphic: Different brain scans lined up [17/07/2015] New research provides insights into how the brain organizes itself, and sets the stage for early diagnosis of neurological disorders like Alzheimer's, in which these certain brain networks break down.Observing brain network dynamics to diagnose Alzheimer's - Read more

Geometry of brain's outer surface correlates with genetic heritage

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Photo: Image of brain [10/07/2015] Researchers at the University of California, San Diego and the School of Medicine have found that the three-dimensional shape of the cerebral cortex – the wrinkled outer layer of the brain controlling many functions of thinking and sensation – strongly correlates with ancestral background.Geometry of brain's outer surface correlates with genetic heritage - Read more

Heart attack treatment hypothesis 'busted'

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Photo: Man with heart attack [07/07/2015] Researchers have long had reason to hope that blocking the flow of calcium into the mitochondria of heart and brain cells could be one way to prevent damage caused by heart attacks and strokes. But in a study of mice engineered to lack a key calcium channel in their heart cells, Johns Hopkins scientists appear to have cast a shadow of doubt on that theory.Heart attack treatment hypothesis 'busted' - Read more


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