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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Interviews concerning innovations

Inventions, technologies, devices - something new always happens in the field of medical technology. Experts, researchers and inventors talk about prospects of new treatments and sometimes also their dangers - on


Preview of MEDICA 2015

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[02/10/2015] Save the date: MEDICA and COMPAMED start at 16 November 2015 in Düsseldorf. Our editorial team is there live on-site.Preview of MEDICA 2015 - Read more

Hypertension - Improvement thanks to ultrasound?

Photo: Preview picture of video [16/09/2015] Hypertension burdens the whole body: It damages blood vessels and by this threatens the eyes, the kidneys, the heart and the brain, among others. It can often be controlled by taking medication, but not in all patients. Surgical procedures can be a possible solution for them.Hypertension - Improvement thanks to ultrasound? - Read more

Individually adapted radiotherapy

Photo: Preview picture of video [03/08/2015] A radiation therapy which targets tumors in the head or neck area often requires extensive planning. In addition, the irradiated area can change during treatment, for example when a patient looses a lot of weight. A new software, developed at Fraunhofer Institute MEVIS in Bremen/Germany, could help physicians to work more efficiently and save a lot of time in the future.Individually adapted radiotherapy - Read more

Head injuries: Neurodegenerative disease in rugby union players

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Photo: Rugby Player [22/05/2015] A new article publishing online in the Quarterly Journal of Medicine has reported the first case showing an association between exposure to head injuries in rugby union players and an increased risk in neurodegenerative disease. Head injuries: Neurodegenerative disease in rugby union players - Read more

Microclinics help keep Kenyan HIV patients in care

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Photo: Children on Mfangano Island [21/05/2015] A team led by researchers from UC San Francisco, Organic Health Response, and Microclinic International is reporting results of a study that showed significant benefits of microclinics -- an innovative intervention that mobilized rural Kenyan HIV patients' informal social networks to support their staying in care.Microclinics help keep Kenyan HIV patients in care - Read more