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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


A second life for more people

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Photo: Colorful drawing of a heart [09/10/2015] People who talk about their "Second Life" sometimes refer to an online game. Others talk about their "second life" with a donated organ. Transplantation has been the only therapy for them to make them independent again from expensive and chronic care and life supporting machines. Transplantation often has saved their lives, too.A second life for more people - Read more

American Placebo

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Photo: Empty pill trays [09/10/2015] A new study finds that rising placebo responses may play a part in the increasingly high failure rate for clinical trials of drugs designed to control chronic pain caused by nerve damage.American Placebo - Read more

Direct-To-Consumer Testing: the business with lifestyle tests

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Photo: laboratory staff evaluating DNA [08/10/2015] The many possibilities the Internet offers also don’t shy away from laboratory medicine. The demand for biochemical or genetic tests continues to rise. Next to standard laboratory tests, a market developed in which the patient is the immediate recipient of clinical results. New distribution channels eliminate the physician as the responsible party.Direct-To-Consumer Testing: the business with lifestyle tests - Read more

Reducing aeromedical transport for traumas saved money and lives

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Photo: Paramedics moving a patient out of the Medicopter [07/10/2015] Changes to the trauma triage protocol in Maryland resulted in decreased use of helicopter transport for trauma patients and improved patient outcomes, saving lives and money. The results of a 11-year study of the impact of statewide field triage changes to Maryland's helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) were published online Wednesday in Annals of Emergency Medicine.Reducing aeromedical transport for traumas saved money and lives - Read more

Exercise: Good for everyone, some struggle more than others

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Photo: Different people in spinning class [06/10/2015] The cause of type 2 diabetes is linked to both genetics and lifestyle. If you have an immediate relative (mother, father, sibling) with type 2 diabetes, the risk of contracting the diabetes is about three times higher. Preventive treatments involve eating healthier and exercising more. Exercise: Good for everyone, some struggle more than others - Read more


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