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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


Military damage control resuscitation in civilian practice

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Photo: Bags with packed blood cells and plasma [27/11/2015] A new study that surveyed Trauma Medical Directors (TMD's) at 245 trauma centers has found that damage control resuscitation (DCR) practices that originated in military settings have been widely adapted in civilian practices across the United States.Military damage control resuscitation in civilian practice - Read more

Complex hospital infection data confuses consumers

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Graphic: Little confused man between numbers [25/11/2015] Patients have difficulty deciphering complex numeric data on healthcare-associated infections used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to help consumers choose hospitals, according to a new study published online today in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA).Complex hospital infection data confuses consumers - Read more

European hospitals: patient-orientation is key

[19/11/2015] Putting the patient at the center stage, meaning to give him an active role and really interacting with him – this sounds like the obvious thing to do in healthcare. But to what extent does this actually happen in hospitals and how can it become common practice everywhere in Europe? The EUROPEAN HOSPITAL CONFERENCE, taking place at MEDICA every two years, addresses these questions in 2015.European hospitals: patient-orientation is key - Read more

Avatar Kids: Linking soft skills for an improved healing process

[17/11/2015] There is perhaps nothing worse for little long-term care patients than to be separated from friends or peers at school for months. The Avatar Kids telepresence project was created to maintain social interaction and academic achievement. The little patients are able to participate in school instruction with the help of small robots and are subsequently reconnected with their social environment. Avatar Kids: Linking soft skills for an improved healing process - Read more

Establishing bereavement programs in hospitals

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Photo: People in a self-help group [17/11/2015] Backed by a growing body of research, investigators at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are calling for all hospitals to establish bereavement programs for families of deceased patients.Establishing bereavement programs in hospitals - Read more


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