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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


Small companions: How wearables change our lives

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[01/09/2015] They can be seen everywhere: at the wrists, in the ear, clipped to the belt. Wearables are small technical assistants who are built to collect and partially also to analyze data. Some of them collect measurable health data, others "only" count their user’s steps or measure the surrounding UV radiation. The fact is, however, that wearables are en vogue and are used for many different cases.Small companions: How wearables change our lives - Read more

Bioengineers advance computing technique for health care

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Photo: cell samples in a cluster analysis tool [13/08/2015] Rice University scientists have developed a big data technique that could have a significant impact on health care. Bioengineer Amina Qutub designed an algorithm called "progeny clustering" that is being used in a hospital study to identify which treatments should be given to children with leukemia.Bioengineers advance computing technique for health care - Read more

Best practices in hospital care

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Photo: Nurse doing a survey with a patient [11/08/2015] Based on responses to questionnaires and letters sent to CEOs and medical personnel from a nationwide sample of 53 hospitals, Johns Hopkins investigators have identified a handful of best practices they say are most likely to give patients a positive hospital experience, a sense of satisfaction and the feeling they come first.Best practices in hospital care - Read more

Improving health information exchange in ERs

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Photo: Nurses running with a patient lying in hospital bed [10/08/2015] An emergency physician-led workgroup has published five primary and seven secondary recommendations about how to maximize the value of health information exchange (HIE) in emergency departments. Improving health information exchange in ERs - Read more

Krankenhaus Rating Report: Not every hospital needs to be maintained

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Photo: Empty patient's room [10/08/2015] This year’s German Krankenhaus Rating Report concludes: the probability of insolvency for German hospitals continues to increase. More than ever, the demographic change demands a more efficient health care system. This also includes the closing of several hospitals, particularly in rural areas. The scheduled Hospital Structures Act is soon said to make this decision easier.Krankenhaus Rating Report: Not every hospital needs to be maintained - Read more


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