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High-volume facilities better for nursing hip fractures

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Photo: X-ray image of hip fractur [05/10/2015] There is not a lot of information available to help family caregivers choose the best skilled nursing facility for an elderly loved one who breaks a hip, but a new study suggests a potentially useful quality indicator: the facility's number of hip fracture patients during the prior year.High-volume facilities better for nursing hip fractures - Read more

Clinical practice: lung cancer screening programs

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Photo: Doctor having a look on an x-ray image of a lung [02/10/2015] Lung cancer screening programs that utilize standardized reporting and include cardiothoracic surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team can successfully be adopted into clinical practice without an increase in surgical intervention for non-cancerous disease.Clinical practice: lung cancer screening programs - Read more

Fighting myomas with ultrasound

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[01/10/2015] A proper diagnosis is a part of great therapy. However, it can also be beneficial to be able to quickly respond to changes during a treatment. One example of this is the treatment of uterine myomas. Female patients at the University Hospital Bonn are treated using so-called high-intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU in short. Prof. Holger Strunk explains this procedure. Fighting myomas with ultrasound - Read more

Multi-tasking in the ER: More is not better

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Photo: Running doctor [24/09/2015] Even after emergency physicians had acclimated to a new commercial electronic health record (EHR), they increased their tasks performed per minute by nearly 12 percent, increasing the potential for patient safety hazards. The results of a study of one hospital's transition from a homegrown EHR to a commercial EHR were published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine. Multi-tasking in the ER: More is not better - Read more

Industrial therapists in hospitals: changing structures

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Photo: Running doctor [22/09/2015] Hospitals only achieve a high level of patient safety if the workplaces of all their employees are optimally designed. Things can become life-threatening when doctors and nursing staff have not been properly trained. Dr. Carsten Ostendorp at the Center for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Hospitals (ZAK), spoke about this topic with Industrial therapists in hospitals: changing structures - Read more


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