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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


Biomolecule's behavior: artificial vs natural conditions

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Graphic: RNA hairpin [05/02/2016] Researchers often analyse isolated biomolecules in test tubes, and it is doubtful if the results can be applied to densely-packed cells. A team from Bochum, Dortmund and Greifswald monitored the folding of an RNA structure in the living cell and compared the results with those of test tube analyses.Biomolecule's behavior: artificial vs natural conditions - Read more

Robotic fingers with a gentle touch

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Graphic: roboter hand holding an egg [02/02/2016] EPFL scientists have invented a new soft gripper that uses electroadhesion: flexible electrode flaps that act like a thumb-index duo. It can pick up fragile objects of arbitrary shape and stiffness, like an egg, a water balloon or paper. Robotic fingers with a gentle touch - Read more

Nanosheet growth technique could revolutionize nanomaterial production

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Graphic: Nanosheet image [01/02/2016] A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison materials scientists believe the tiny sheets of the semiconductor zinc oxide they're growing could have huge implications for the future of a host of electronic and biomedical devices.Nanosheet growth technique could revolutionize nanomaterial production - Read more

Robotic arm for Duchenne patients

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Photo: Young man with a robotic aid around his arm [25/01/2016] Researchers from the University of Twente's MIRA research centre, together with the VUmc, TU Delft and the Radboud umc, have developed the A-Gear: a robotic arm that can support the daily activities of people suffering the muscular disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.Robotic arm for Duchenne patients - Read more

Customized Implants cover bones optimally

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Photo: Knee implant [22/01/2016] It may fits, but somewhere it still tweaks. Although a suit off the rack serves its purpose, it is still far from being an ideal solution. With a custom made heart it is different. It is similar with implants. Often patients complain about the fact that those implants feel strange. 3D printing is on the best way to change this. Here, the implants are adapted to the carrier.Customized Implants cover bones optimally - Read more


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