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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


NIST PET phantoms bring new accuracy to medical scans

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Photo: A calibration phantom in a PET scanner [03/08/2015] Teaming with a medical equipment company, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated the first calibration system for positron emission tomography (PET) scanners directly tied to national measurement standards.NIST PET phantoms bring new accuracy to medical scans - Read more

Radiopharmaceuticals: Individualized diagnostics and therapy

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[03/08/2015] Malignant tumors can be fought with X-rays – usually with radiation therapy from outside the body. Nuclear medicine physicians can also accomplish this inside the body with radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals. They also offer big benefits for clinical diagnostics as long as a specific target can be assigned to them.Radiopharmaceuticals: Individualized diagnostics and therapy - Read more

New devices are driving improvement in stroke treatment outcomes

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Graphic: Stent is passed through an artery [28/07/2015] In the last decade, Intra-Arterial (IA) stroke therapy has gained notable momentum as an effective and safe treatment option for patients. Two new studies further reinforce the value and progress of IA treatment with conclusions that the innovative new devices that facilitate this approach are reducing treatment times, improving outcomes and decreasing mortality rates. New devices are driving improvement in stroke treatment outcomes - Read more

Networking in OR: Secure and dynamic with OR.NET

Photo: Preview picture of video [15/07/2015] A lot of electronic devices have to work together flawlessly in the OR to ensure a procedure’s success. This does not always work, because different manufacturers use different communication systems. The partners working together in the OR.Net project want to change this by creating one standard for the networking of devices.Networking in OR: Secure and dynamic with OR.NET - Read more

ECG measurements: "Our chest strap moistens itself"

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[01/07/2015] When measuring myocardial activity, it is important for the skin to always stay moist under the electrodes of the ECG. Only then can data be consistently transferred. Athletes have an easier time with this: they are used to sweating. This is a lot harder for older patients.ECG measurements: "Our chest strap moistens itself" - Read more


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