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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


Scientists grow leg muscle from cells in a dish

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Photo: Man in laboratory [26/02/2015] A team of researchers from Italy, Israel and the United Kingdom has succeeded in generating mature, functional skeletal muscles in mice using a new approach for tissue engineering.Scientists grow leg muscle from cells in a dish - Read more

Children: Open bone breaks can heal safely without surgery

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Photo: Boy with a colorful cast around the arm [17/12/2014] Many children who sustain so-called open bone fractures in the forearm or lower leg can, and do, heal safely without surgery, according to the results of a small study led by investigators at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.Children: Open bone breaks can heal safely without surgery - Read more

ARTcut: Standardized injury of skin models for wound healing research

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[08/12/2014] Comparative research models are indispensable in wound healing research to evaluate new treatments of chronic wounds. Consequently, studies need to exhibit equivalent basic prerequisites and be conducted on similar wounds. This is why a team of researchers is working on an automated process to place standardized wounds in skin models.ARTcut: Standardized injury of skin models for wound healing research - Read more

Wound treatment with fish skin

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[03/11/2014] The treatment of chronic wounds is extremely problematic. Chronic wounds can take months or years to heal and some even never heal resulting in over 100.000 amputations taking place annually in the US alone. A new technology from Iceland, that is based on fish skin and is already used clinically, allows for improved healing of chronic and burn wounds.Wound treatment with fish skin - Read more

How cells know which way to go

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Graphic: cells moving through the body [28/10/2014] Amoebas aren't the only cells that crawl: Movement is crucial to development, wound healing and immune response in animals, not to mention cancer metastasis. In two new studies from Johns Hopkins, researchers answer long-standing questions about how complex cells sense the chemical trails that show them where to go – and the role of cells' internal "skeleton" in responding to those cues.How cells know which way to go - Read more


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