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What happens on the market for medical products - let it be important technologies, national and international business, news from companies. talks to experts about current developments in health economy.


Geriatrics: walking better with smartphones

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Photo: Older woman walks with a rollator [22/10/2015] Many end-users already have had a smartphone that counts steps and apps that help in disease prevention for a long time. But in professional medical use environments like hospitals and physicians' offices these little helpers are just arriving - or not even there yet. Still, these gadgets can make assessments easier and more precise. For example in geriatrics.Geriatrics: walking better with smartphones - Read more

Direct-To-Consumer Testing: the business with lifestyle tests

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Photo: laboratory staff evaluating DNA [08/10/2015] The many possibilities the Internet offers also don’t shy away from laboratory medicine. The demand for biochemical or genetic tests continues to rise. Next to standard laboratory tests, a market developed in which the patient is the immediate recipient of clinical results. New distribution channels eliminate the physician as the responsible party.Direct-To-Consumer Testing: the business with lifestyle tests - Read more

Industrial therapists in hospitals: changing structures

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Photo: Running doctor [22/09/2015] Hospitals only achieve a high level of patient safety if the workplaces of all their employees are optimally designed. Things can become life-threatening when doctors and nursing staff have not been properly trained. Dr. Carsten Ostendorp at the Center for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Hospitals (ZAK), spoke about this topic with Industrial therapists in hospitals: changing structures - Read more

Big Data: breaking the curse of dimensionality

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Photo: huge data server [24/08/2015] The term big data is complex. On one hand, it describes the amount of data itself while characterizing the technology required to collect and analyze the data on the other. The fact is big data is essential in medicine. Data-supported models not only assist in promoting medical research, they also make it easier to reach treatment decisions.Big Data: breaking the curse of dimensionality - Read more

Data protection: Can medical research be anonymized?

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Photo: People with covered faces [08/07/2015] Electronic health records, telemedicine, cloud computing and big data: questions about data protection appear everywhere in digitized health care. Yet what do things look like far away from application at the foundations of medicine? Can patient data and personal rights in research be protected when several centers and numerous researchers participate in studies?Data protection: Can medical research be anonymized? - Read more