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Photo Galleries 2010

Mammography: Novel Technique Increases Detection Rate in Screening

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Photo: Mammography [06/02/2014] Digital mammography screening with new photon-counting technique offers high diagnostic performance, according to a new study.Mammography: Novel Technique Increases Detection Rate in Screening - Read more

Breast Cancer: Faster Diagnosis Possible

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[11/10/2012] A study from The George Washington University shows that patients can reduce potentially dangerous delays in the identification of breast cancer with the assistance of patient navigation services.Breast Cancer: Faster Diagnosis Possible - Read more

Mammography: Breast Cancer in 40-49 Year-Olds Has Better Prognosis

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[23/02/2012] Based on a study of nearly 2,000 breast cancer patients, researchers at the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle say that, in women between the ages of 40 and 49, breast cancers detected by mammography have a better prognosis.Mammography: Breast Cancer in 40-49 Year-Olds Has Better Prognosis - Read more

Breast Cancer: Probability of Metastasis

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[25/10/2011] Researchers from Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah have discovered a new way to model human breast cancer that could lead to new tools for predicting which breast cancers will spread and new ways to test drugs that may stop its spread.Breast Cancer: Probability of Metastasis - Read more

Cancer Screening: Little Certainty with Risks (Part 1)

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[15/06/2009] by Wiebke Heiss/ Screenings for cervical, breast, colorectal and skin cancer are all part of public health insurance in Germany, millions of healthy people go routinely to the doctor. Despite the fact, that the benefit for most measures has not yet been proven. Even worse: Most patients do not get proper information about the risks.Cancer Screening: Little Certainty with Risks (Part 1) - Read more


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