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Videos and Background Reports

Videos and Background Reports

Video reports about MEDICA trade fair.


Fighting myomas with ultrasound

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[01/10/2015] A proper diagnosis is a part of great therapy. However, it can also be beneficial to be able to quickly respond to changes during a treatment. One example of this is the treatment of uterine myomas. Female patients at the University Hospital Bonn are treated using so-called high-intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU in short. Prof. Holger Strunk explains this procedure. Fighting myomas with ultrasound - Read more

Theranostics: Complex particles for tomorrow's medicine

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[01/10/2015] It is a portmanteau, a mixture of two words. This way it saves us time and trouble while speaking because the human speech apparatus is lazy. And it describes a mixture of procedures: the combination of two procedures that would normally be separate in medicine. We are talking about theranostics.Theranostics: Complex particles for tomorrow's medicine - Read more

Keeping cells in good shape

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Photo: filling the Cytospace experiment unit [28/09/2015] People often talk about how important it is to stay in shape, something humans usually can accomplish with exercise and a healthy diet, and other habits. But chances are, few of us ever think about the shape of our individual cells.Keeping cells in good shape - Read more

Determining ion beam effects to greater precision

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Photo: Woman working on a microscope [24/09/2015] A precise understanding of how ion beams affect biological tissue is of great importance for both radiotherapy applications and the assessment of radioprotection risks, e.g. to astronauts on long term missions in space.Determining ion beam effects to greater precision - Read more

Unexpected link between choroid plexus and chronic pain

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Photo: The choroid plexus [23/09/2015] An observation by Finnish researchers shows that the central nervous system plays an important role in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).Unexpected link between choroid plexus and chronic pain - Read more

Printing lightweight, flexible, and functional materials

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Photo: Printhead [22/09/2015] 3D printing is revolutionizing the production of lightweight structures, soft robots and flexible electronics, but the technology struggles with complex, multimaterial integration. Printing lightweight, flexible, and functional materials - Read more

QuatrBack: Smart emergency scheme for people with dementia

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Photo: Elderly man throwing a football [21/09/2015] People with dementia exhibit many far-reaching changes of conduct. Embarrassment, fear, and reduced orientation ability decrease their degree of independence and social inclusion. The QuartrBack project coordinated by the Evangelische Heimstiftung now combines volunteer work with technologies for location, monitoring, information, and professional care.QuatrBack: Smart emergency scheme for people with dementia - Read more

Reminders keep TB patients on track with medication

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Graphic: Smart phone showing an alarm icon [17/09/2015] Giving electronic reminders to tuberculosis (TB) patients in China can reduce the amount of medication doses they miss by half, according to new research published in PLOS Medicine.Reminders keep TB patients on track with medication - Read more

Hypertension - Improvement thanks to ultrasound?

Photo: Preview picture of video Hypertension burdens the whole body: It damages blood vessels and by this threatens the eyes, the kidneys, the heart and the brain, among others. It can often be controlled by taking medication, but not in all patients. Surgical procedures can be a possible solution for them.Hypertension - Improvement thanks to ultrasound? - Read more

Inventing a healthier future

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Photo: Hand drawing with a pencil [10/09/2015] Innovation in medical technologies is booming. That is why MEDICA attracts such huge audiences each year, and an increasing number of exhibitors. New technologies are combining material science, electronics, engineering and biochemistry. With more of us living longer, the market for healthcare appliances has ever greater potential.Inventing a healthier future - Read more


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