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Videos and Background Reports

Videos and Background Reports

Video reports about MEDICA trade fair.


Medical Technology Exports: German Technology for International Markets

The German export business of medical technology is booming as wealth is growing and quality of life is rising in many countries around the world: the need for health care is also increasing there.Medical Technology Exports: German Technology for International Markets - Read more

Imaging: Tracking Molecules

Classic means of imaging like X-rays or ultrasound show the structure of organs and make tissue damages visible to physicians. Molecular imaging proceeds further: It also reveals the functions of organs.Imaging: Tracking Molecules - Read more

Copper: The New Building Block in Hospital Hygiene

Germs can be easily transmitted from person to person in hospitals. This is especially dangerous for patients when their immune system is weakened by an existing disease or not yet fully developed, as is the case with children.Copper: The New Building Block in Hospital Hygiene - Read more

Surgical Robots: Highly Precise and Gentle

Robots help in the operating room more and more. They make it possible for surgeons to perform highly precise and minimally invasive procedures. In radiology, the CyberKnife system is used to treat tumors. Surgical Robots: Highly Precise and Gentle - Read more

COMPAMED 2012: Inside the halls

From 14.-16. November 2012 the trade fair halls 8a and 8b were occupied by 500 COMPAMED-exhibitors and their products. "High tech solutions for medical technology" was the claim.COMPAMED 2012: Inside the halls - Read more

MEDICA 2012: Concluding Statement

Horst Giesen, Project Director of MEDICA and COMPAMED, resumes the two trade fairs, summarizes the highlights and gives a short outlook for 2013. MEDICA 2012: Concluding Statement - Read more

A visit at MEDICA 2012

A visit at MEDICA 2012 promises many new impressions about innovation - exciting, informative, interesting.A visit at MEDICA 2012 - Read more

From Payer to Player - Health Insurance in Germany

The statutory health insurance offers protection and a comprehensive medical care for about 70 million insured people in Germany. The object of the statutory health insurance is to assure against the financial risk of the costs coming along with an illness. had a closer look at the role of the health insurances.From Payer to Player - Health Insurance in Germany - Read more

MEDICA 2012: The Congress

A multitude of seminars, presentations and practical courses make the MEDICA CONGRESS a unique event! Here you find some Impressions of it.MEDICA 2012: The Congress - Read more

Welcome to MEDICA 2012

MEDICA 2012 opened its doors today. For four days, the medical technology industry will meet here in the Exhibition halls in Düsseldorf. We asked the first visitors, what expectations they have.Welcome to MEDICA 2012 - Read more


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