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Most Recent Videos

Most Recent Videos

Here, you find the latest videos from the and Mhhoch4 editorial teams.


Students teaching students – Training of physiotherapists

Physiotherapy students have to apply a lot of theoretical knowledge into practice. Especially therapeutic measures have to be known inside out. Therefore, the RWTH Aachen has produced learning videos which can be accessed by it’s students at any time. And the best thing about this is: The videos have been produced during classes by the students themelves. We spoke with Professor Hans-Christoph Pape and Ulrike Schemmann of the School for Physiotherapy (RWTH Aachen University Hospital) who provided guidance for the project.


Word of welcome by the Conference President

Conference President Professor Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Hendrik Lehnert explains what visitors can expect from the 2014 edition of the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE.

Back pain - does relief come from sport medicine?

Prof. Frank Mayer from the University of Potsdam talks about nonspecific back pain and deficits of the neuromuscular system in the trunk that are a possible cause. A German network researches tools to diagnose, prevent and treat these deficits and the resulting back pain. Jürgen Fischer and Dr. Peter Stehle from the German Federal Institute of Sports Science (German: Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft) explain the backgrounds of the project “Back Pain”. Its results are intended to be of use not only in professional sports but also for the general public.


Physical plasma – the future of skin therapy?

Chronic wounds, allergies and recurrent infections of the skin are a continuous burden for patients. Physical plasma is able to bring relief and is an alternative to already established therapies. Prof. Klaus-Dieter Weltmann from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. in Greifswald talks about the generation and possibilities of physical plasma for medical purposes. Dr. Georg Daeschlein from the University Hospital Greifswald describes the multiple uses of plasma in skin treatment.


MEDICA 2014 - Be part of the No. 1!

Experience the world's largest medical fair in Düsseldorf! Experience the MEDICA 2014!


Brain Computer Interfaces - the future of everyday life in old age

Brain-computer interfaces have been a part of research for some time now. So far however, these modern communication technologies don’t find much use in everyday life.

Now researchers at the Rhine-Waal University in Germany would like to change this. In the project titled “Everyday Brain-Computer Interfaces in Old Age”, ABCI in short in German, Professor Ivan Volosyak and his team are developing practical communication technologies that are supposed to make everyday life in the future simpler for older people.


Health at the workplace - also in old age

Burnout syndrome, nutritional disturbances, depression – job-related stress is becoming an increasingly frequent cause of long absences from work. Many employers are aware of this, and actively contribute in promoting the health of their employees. The City of Cologne, Germany, also noticed that it needs to promote the health of its employees.



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