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Our Topics in 2011

Our topics in 2011

Impressions on topics of 2012

December 2011: Stress

It is so vital, but at the same time it can be so harmful in the long run. Stress inspires people to top-performances, but - if this phase is kept over a longer period of time – can lead to unpleasant side effects. Although stress has different effects on the human organism, because everyone experiences it differently.December 2011: Stress - Read more

November 2011: MEDICA 2011

It was a great time – the world’s largest medical trade fair MEDICA opened its doors from the 16th to the 19th of November 2011. For that very reason we want to introduce exciting topics surrounding the trade fair, provide current insights and let experts have their say. Have fun reading!November 2011: MEDICA 2011 - Read more

October 2011: Telemedicine

Overcoming great spatial distances and improving the quality of medical care at the same time is the goal of telemedical medicine. There are many areas of application that allow the exchange of information and data for diagnosis, treatment and care of patients through sound, text and picture with the help of information and communication technologies.October 2011: Telemedicine - Read more

September 2011: Hospital Hygiene

Cleanliness is important to most people. That is why we not only take care after ourselves, but also mop and scrub the flat for all it’s worth. After all, we do not want to come in contact with unpleasant bacteria or germs and become sick. Pathogens can become extremely dangerous when one is already sick – for example when one is in hospital.September 2011: Hospital Hygiene - Read more

August 2011: Medicine International

Comparing international health care systems with one another is a challenge. All too often there is a lack of valid indicators and equipment to be able to apply successful programs of individual, nationally varying grown structures to another health care system. For starters, making the first step by taking an interested look at the bigger picture can help for instance to gather new ideas ...August 2011: Medicine International - Read more

July 2011: Civilization Diseases

Diseases that are on the rise due to our lifestyle and therefore appear in the majority of the population are called civilization diseases or widespread diseases. They include, for example, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or obesity. But even cancer or psychological illnesses like depression are meanwhile counted as such.July 2011: Civilization Diseases - Read more

Topic of the Month June: Gender Medicine

All persons are equal before the law, but medicine seem so be experiencing an opposing trend – however for the good of humans. Scientists and doctors have recognised that men and women are not equally suited for all therapies. The sexes are not only anatomically different, they get ill differently. Different approaches in treating men and women are therefore necessary.Topic of the Month June: Gender Medicine - Read more

May 2011: Dermatology

The skin is a mirror of our soul, as the saying goes. Unfortunately, a balanced soul does not guarantee beautiful skin. Patients suffering from skin diseases not only fight with the superficial appearance, but mostly also with serious illnesses that must be treated. Occasionally, a skin problem indicates a chronic illness, such as diabetes mellitus.May 2011: Dermatology - Read more

April 2011: Childhood Diseases

The classic childhood diseases like rubella, measles or mumps are highly contagious and their symptoms clearly diagnosable. However, in Germany a nationwide vaccination coverage has not been achieved yet. In addition, there are also children diseases, that often cannot clearly diagnosed and are less harmless in their course. These rare diseases are often genetic.April 2011: Childhood Diseases - Read more

March 2011: Emergency Medical Aid

It is difficult to stay calm in emergencies: How do you react if an old lady collapses in the shopping mall? How do you act correctly if – as happened in New Zealand in February of this year– the earth shakes and there are dozens of injured people surrounding you? You expect paramedics and doctors to keep calm in those situations. This, however, requires the right training and technology.March 2011: Emergency Medical Aid - Read more

February 2011: Autoimmune Diseases

When the body’s immune system no longer just destroys bacteria, viruses and other toxins invading the body from the outside, but when antibodies mistakenly attack the body’s own tissue, the condition is called autoimmune disease. The body harms itself. Despite intensive research, many causes for this affection are still unknown. One possible reason: genetic predisposition. February 2011: Autoimmune Diseases - Read more

January 2011: Medicine and History

They say “everthing flows“. And that certainly applies in medical science: therapies are being varied, new illnesses discovered and better equipment is being developed. What might have been a deadly disease before today is often very well treatable. But what did this all look like in the past? How did physicians do their job 100 years ago? Find out in our Topic of the Month January.January 2011: Medicine and History - Read more


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