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Pain: a question of balance

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Photo: Woman with strong headaches [03/08/2015] Pain is usually caused by inflammation in the body. Scientists from the University of Würzburg have now demonstrated that one of the responsible substances simultaneously has a pain-relieving function. Their discovery is a promising target for new therapy.Pain: a question of balance - Read more

Online program helps people with chronic pain

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Photo: Patient and two doctors [08/07/2015] Washington State University researchers have found that people can manage chronic pain and reduce their reliance on opioids through an Internet-based program that teaches non-medical alternatives like increased physical activity, thinking more positively and dealing with emotions.Online program helps people with chronic pain - Read more

Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain

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Photo: Woman with fingers crossed [27/03/2015] How you feel pain is affected by where sources of pain are in relation to each other, and so crossing your fingers can change what you feel on a single finger, finds new University College London (UCL) research.Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain - Read more

Older adults at risk of delirium after surgery

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Photo: Older man with oxygen mask [04/11/2014] New research reports that preoperative pain and depressive symptoms in older adults place them at greater risk of delirium following surgery. According to the findings, both pain and depression are independent and interactive risk factors for delirium, suggesting a cumulative effect.Older adults at risk of delirium after surgery - Read more

Wearable interface to make prosthetics more comfortable

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Photo: Bubble actuator [24/10/2014] UT Arlington researchers have been awarded a $744,300 grant from the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Orthapaedic Research Program to create an adaptive interface that fits between a prosthetic and a patient's limb so that the fit and comfort of the prosthetic are improved.Wearable interface to make prosthetics more comfortable - Read more


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