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Product News

Product News


Laparoscopic training - a toolbox for surgeons

Photo: Preview picture of video Surgeons need a good sense of touch, but nobody is born a surgeon. Young physicians develop and maintain their skills with simulators and training devices. At MEDICA 2015, Dr. Tilman Laubert explained how surgeons can train for laparoscopic surgery - with the Lübeck Toolbox.Laparoscopic training - a toolbox for surgeons - Read more

Customized Implants cover bones optimally

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Photo: Knee implant [22/01/2016] It may fits, but somewhere it still tweaks. Although a suit off the rack serves its purpose, it is still far from being an ideal solution. With a custom made heart it is different. It is similar with implants. Often patients complain about the fact that those implants feel strange. 3D printing is on the best way to change this. Here, the implants are adapted to the carrier.Customized Implants cover bones optimally - Read more

Regrowing functional joints in frogs

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Photo: European green tree frog [15/01/2016] In a first, Japanese researchers have regenerated functional joints in frogs by activating a newly-found "reintegration" mechanism. Further understanding of this process may help transplanted tissues integrate with the original organs and limbs after surgical removal or amputation.Regrowing functional joints in frogs - Read more

Injectable agent illuminates cancer during surgery

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Graphic: syringe is filled with agent [11/01/2016] Doctors at the Duke University School of Medicine have tested a new injectable agent that causes cancer cells in a tumor to fluoresce, potentially increasing a surgeon’s ability to locate and remove all of a cancerous tumor on the first attempt. The imaging technology was developed through collaboration with scientists at Duke, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Lumicell Inc.Injectable agent illuminates cancer during surgery - Read more

Using skin to save the heart

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Graphic: red heart cells [11/01/2016] Following a heart attack or other heart trauma, the heart is unable to replace its dead cells. Patients are often left with little option other than heart transplants, which are rarely available, or more recently cell therapies that transplant heart cells into the patient's heart.Using skin to save the heart - Read more


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