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Shippert Medical Technologies Inc.
6248 South Troy Circle Suite A
80111 Centennial, CO, USA

Phone: +1 303 754-0044
Fax: +1 303 754-0318

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Disposable Four Hole Cannula


our Hole Harvesting Fat Grafting Luer Lock Cannula
3mm diameter x 15cm length

Sterile and disposable.
Safe for fat grafting.
No cleaning time.
Plastic luer lock hub- fits standard luer lock syringes and handles.
Packaged individually- order one at a time.


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Disposable 1H2 Luer Lock Re-Injection Cannula


1H2 One Hole, Type II Re-Injection Cannula

Standard Luer Lock hub
One patient use.
Reduce potential cross-contamination.
No cleaning time or labor.
No autoclave.
No misplacing instruments in multiple ORs.
No large investment in instruments
Lipocyte friendly hole patterns.

3-C-1H2-3x15 (3mmx 15cm) body
3-C-1H2-16x8 (16 gauge x 8cm) face
3-C-1H2-18x8 (18gauge x 8cm) lips, eyelids


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