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24, rue de Diekirch
7505 Lintgen, Luxemburg
P.O. Box 19
7505 Lintgen, Luxemburg

Telefon: +352 32 78321

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Sauerstoff-Ozon-Therapie, Geräte für die  
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Series D 230 FM


Flow Meter Regulator
For laboratory applications requiring a very sensitive outlet flow adjustment with visual control of the flow

Key Advantages:

  • All flow meters have a preset outlet pressure at 3,5 bar / 51 psi
  • Bellow technology permits a large range of accurate outlet pressures in a compact design
  • Flowmeters are gas-specific. Please specify gas type when ordering


  • Temperature Range: -20º C to + 60º C -4º F to +140º F
  • Outlet pressure: 3,5 bar / 51 psi fixed
  • Body material: Chrome Plated Brass
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Self-contained Medical Oxygen Transport System



Backpack system to give the patient easier mobility while undergoing oxygen therapy

Key Advantages:

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ergonomic backpack design evenly distributes weight for less fatigue and longer periods of mobility
  • Contains the complete breathing system


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TV4 System


Wireless Remote Filling Control System


Digital filling control system to automatically control LPG tank truck filling operations. Transmits tank contents to driver to indicate when tank is 85% full and automatically shuts off filling pump.

Key Advantages:

  • Improves safety and risk of human error
  • improves driver productivity - only service tanks that need refilling
  • Digital measurement more accurate than float gauges
  • Wireless telemetry eliminates need for inconvenient cables
  • Long life battery operated - rechargable mobile units


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