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Moss Inc.
Pasadena, MD, USA
P.O.BOX 189
21123-0189 Pasadena, MD, USA

Telefon: +1 410 768-3442
Fax: +1 410 768-3971

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Substrate 3 Produkte
Insoluble Substrates


TMB-M (1.13 mMol/L)
TMBM-100100 mLs
TMBM-500500 mLs
TMBM-10001000 mLs

One component. Stable for 30 months.

A peroxidase substrate which produces a stable insoluble aquamarine blue precipitate at the reaction site with little or no background. It is ideal for many immunoblotting procedures and can significantly increase the detection limits of assays on a variety of membranes.

Soluble Substrates


TMB-HK (2.5 mMol/L]
TMBHK-100100 mLs
TMBHK-500500 mLs
TMBHK-10001000 mLs

One component. Stable for 30 months.

TMBHK (High Kinetic TMB) achieves the highest Optical Density with color development in as little as 1 minute! Incubate 2–15 minutes and stop with Hydrochloric or Sulfuric Acid to obtain a stable yellow color. Read at 450 nm. Applications include visual assays or assays that need high sensitivity in short incubation time.


TMBE-100100 mLs
TMBE-500500 mLs
TMBE-10001000 mLs

One component. Stable for 30 months.

Produces a soluble end product which is blue in color that is quantitated at 650 nm. Use of a stop solution enhances sensitivity 2-4 fold and the resulting yellow solution can be read at 450 nm. Moss' TMB provides an ultrasensitive quantitative substrate system. TMB has not been found to be mutagenic or carcinogenic at the time of this printing.