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General Project S.r.l.
Via della Gora 15/19
50025 Montespertoli (FI), Italien

Telefon: +39 0571 675076
Fax: +39 0571 675077

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Elektrotherapiegeräte 3 Produkte
Infusionstechnik, Geräte für  
Kryotherapie / Kryochirurgie, Geräte für die  
UV-Bestrahlungsgeräte und IR-Bestrahlungsgeräte  
Medizinische Lichtbehandlungsgeräte, Phototherapie  


Performer 30 HPS laser system
The carbon dioxide surgical laser Performer 30 HPS is a synthesis of power, reliability and design, rising the equipment at a level absolute of excellence. Each single component has been designed to offer very high performances for longtime. The Performer 30HPS laser system complies with the European (CE0476) and American (FDA 510(K) n. K001322) rules, a characteristic that belongs exclusively to the best production at world level. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2004 certified, General Project has a wide experience in the field of medical laser systems; each equipment is designed, produced and tested in its factory in Montespertoli (FI).

Laser source
The heart of the system is a last generation sealed off laser source, realized by "diffusion cooled" technology, able to give very high power peaks and characterized by a great stability. Such a technical peculiarity, combined with a particular internal catalyst, allows the realization of sources having both lifetime and power remarkably superior. This characteristic permits the use of just a part of the whole potentiality of the source, which is able to give more than 45 W continuous; as a result, we have a system which is not stressed, thus offering great warranties in reliability and lasting. Moreover the beam generated has a perfect spatial distribution (TEM 00) to which a perfect distribution of the energy obviously corresponds.



Choosing the MD30/60 Compact
The laser system MD30/60 Compact is included in a field where the presence of an increasing number of different equipments with different costs creates many difficulties to the User who needs to choose the unit he wants to purchase. Considering this, our Company made a precise choice with no compromises, offering an equipment at the maximum qualitative levels, allowing such a plurality of applications no other equipment can give. Thanks to its high technological content, to its very high quality in manufacturing and its big power emission, the laser system MD30/60 Compact represents the state of the art in the field of hair removal and in the treatment of vascular lesions. Moreover, it is the only equipment present on the market associating the possibility to have applications in the sport medicine field, such as the application for anti-inflammatory and pain therapy.

By choosing the MD30/60 Compact, our Customers will have the intimate consciousness of purchasing an equipment containing in itself big performances as far the efficacy of the treatment, excellent sturdiness and reliability, and an extraordinary simplicity of use. The MD30/60 Compact complies with both European and American rules, an exclusive characteristic of the best production at world level. General Project, ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certified, has a large experience in the field of medical lasers systems; every unit is designed and manufactured in its factory in Montespertoli (FIorence).




-Pulsed Light System Med FlashII
-Pulsed Light System Flash1 Plus
-Pulsed Light System Flash1
-Pulsed Light System Beauty Flash
-Skin cooling system mod. Ice Touch
-Body Contouring System Med Sculpt
-Body Contouring System mod. Slim Project
-Microdermabasion system mod. Silk PEEL
-Microdermabrasion system mod. Easy Peel
-Microdermabrasion system mod. ECO Peel
-Microdermabrasion system Face-up
-Combined system for face care 3face
-Combined system for Stretch Marks Med Stretch
-Diode Laser MD30 Compact
-Diode Laser MD60 Compact
-Diode Laser DLT15
-CO2 Laser Performer 30HPS
-Electrical stimulator mod. Perfex