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Bow Medical S.A.S.
9 rue Mathias Sandorf Pole Jules Verne - Immeuble Athéna
80440 Boves, France

Phone: +33 3 60032468
Fax: +33 9 72293487

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Company Figures
Sales volume1-9 Mio US $
Area of business
  • Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
Company Profile
About us

BOW Medical in short

  • A software editor of clinical solutions and Medical IT company.
  • Date of incorporation : September 1999.
  • A dedicated team, with a long experience of the hospital workflow and hospital management, that is available to process and answer user requests.
  • A best-of-breed product, with a comprehensive coverage of the anaesthetist's work and anaesthesia services' requirements. We offer important advantages over the other products available on the market.
  • Strong partnerships with companies involved in Medical IT, with University hospitals and with medical equipment manufacturers.
  • The experience of projects of large magnitude.

BOW Medical has an answer to your data management needs, for patient appointments and doctor schedules, for anaesthesia and surgery consultations, for the operating room and the recovery room. DIANE "The Anaesthesia Data Management System", is a comprehensive, efficient, fully configurable and intuitive solution.