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Medset Medizintechnik GmbH
Curslacker Neuer Deich 66
21029 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 725822-0
Fax: +49 40 725822-11

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Product Categories
Blood pressure equipment  
Long-term blood pressure equipment 1 Product
Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories  
Electrocardiographs and analysers 3 Products
Long-term ECG recording and evaluation equipment 3 Products
Stress test systems 1 Product
Cardiac catheterisation equipment  
Cardiac output measuring instruments (output per minute or over time/thermodilution)  
Pulmonary function tests / Spirometer  
Archiving and documentation  
Systems for medical documentation, document management  

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• Oscillometric measurement method
• Low initial pressure and short measurement times
• Day / Night button for individual sleeping and waking phases
• Analysis of systole, diastole, MAP, HBP and pulse
• Assistant for quick recorder preparation
• For Windows XP, VISTA and Mac OS X

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The modern FLASHLIGHT resting ECG records 12 lead-ECG simultaneously and has a built in hardware pacemaker spike detection circuitry which can work on 3 selectable different ECG-Channels. Efficient automatic measurement is the key to a fast and valid diagnosis. FLASHLIGHT uses BIOSIGNA’s HES measurement algorithms. All measured values are clearly displayed together with the representative cycles. Make your work easier with HES interpretation for ECG diagnosis. The modern FLASHLIGHT resting ECG saves you valuable time, as all as the FLASHLIGHT software tools have been optimized to allow swift operation.

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• Electrode contact measurement with visual display
• Pacemaker detection
• Bluetooth™ technology
• Integrated display showing all essential information
• Compatible with
     ∙ FLASHLIGHT resting ECG
     ∙ FLASHLIGHT ERGO stress test ECG

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• Ultrasonic measurement means no calibration
• High measurement accuracy thanks to minimal flow resistance
• Resting and forced measurements in a single work step
• Compliant with current ERS and ATS guidelines
• Newest reference data "GLI 2012"
• User-configurable screen views
• Runs on any operating system, including Apple

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CARDIOLIGHT enhances your day-to-day efficiency.

Whether you require QT analysis, HRV analysis, atrial fibrillation diagnosis or our versatile pacemaker analysis CARDIOLIGHT offers highly efficient modules capable of dealing with even the most complex demands.

Following the initial download of data, CARDIOLIGHT analyses the ECG in the blink of an eye and presents the HR trend, the HR variability and all detected arrhythmias according to type and frequency for the entire recording, over a period of up to 48 hours.

The different complex forms of all beat classes which appear are visualized by CARDIOLIGHT using its template analysis. The correct allocation of the beat classes can be checked and, if necessary, corrected in a single work step. A unique feature is the “waterfall presentation” which clearly and precisely displays each ECG beat in beat class, like on a string of beats.

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Ingeniously Simple Holter Concept


Are you one of those doctors who prefer to leave the detailed analysis of long-term ECG recordings to the experts? If so, our PADSY CARDIOLIGHT Planet System is the perfect choice for you.

When you purchase the PLANET System, you have a fully functional long-term ECG at your disposal – it's just that someone else does the analysis.


You start the recorder, checking the ECG either at your PC or without a PC. Once the recording is complete, you send the ECG data to your PC and then, at the click of a mouse, transmit it via the Internet to a cardiologist. It could not be simpler. The ECG is encrypted and given a "personal fingerprint" for secure online transmission.

The cardiologist's analysis software puts your recordings in order so that you always know who sent the ECG data.

Once the analysis has been performed, you simply "pick up" the recording from the cardiologist again – likewise at the click of a mouse – and can either archive the result in electronic form on your PC, or make a printout to discuss with your patient.

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• Bluetooth™ technology for efficient recorder preparation
• Up to 7 days of recording on three autonomous ECG channels
• 12 Bit ECG recording for optimum signal quality
• Voice recording and transmission of patient data
• Graphical display for lead check and straightforward guided operation
• 3- to 7-pole patient cable with automatic detection
• Energy supplied by just one battery

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FLASHLIGHT ERGO controls the workload your patients are subjected to. For a reliable diagnostics, the entire 12-channel ECG, including pacemaker spike, detection is recorded with maximal signal quality throughout the stress-test.

For analysis and measurement, FLASHLIGHT ERGO uses the scientifically validated HES-BKG algorithms, allowing ECG pathologies to be reliably identified and displayed. Trend charts provide you with an overview of how the ST segment has changed over time.

Heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias and their frequency, and the violation of any limits values are clearly marked, meaning that you can reliably assess the ECG at any time with the “Review” function.

The new FLASHLIGHT sensor allows the patient to move freely and without hindrance on the treadmill. The new bluetooth technology enables wireless transmission of the 12-channel ECG to the computer without any loss of quality.

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