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Specialty Coating Systems Inc.
7645 Woodland Drive
46278 Indianapolis, IN, USA

Phone: +44 1483 541000
Fax: +44 1483 541050

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Specialty Coating Systems has been the leading service provider of Parylene custom coating services for more than 35 years. As the largest supplier of Parylene coating services, SCS has more cumulative years of applications engineering experience than any other Parylene coater. Because of this, we can help you find the best solution to your application problem.

There are 2 methods of beginning an Engineering Run with SCS:

1. Most new customers begin by discussing their application with an SCS sales or engineering associate, so that we understand the nature of your application and can recommend if Parylene will be successful. After discussing your requirements and timeline for the parts, and any associated costs, parts can be sent to SCS for an Engineering Run.

To discuss your application, please call +1-317-451-8549 or toll-free 855-369-3505.

2. If you prefer to initiate an engineering run online, you may fill out an electronic form with detailed information about your project. Once we receive this information, an SCS sales or engineering associate will review it and contact you with any additional questions about the application and to discuss any associated costs.

Medical Coatings


SCS' leadership in providing world-class Parylene coating services for the medical device industry is more than just a point of difference. The company's resources, experience and expertise enable design engineers to design with confidence, knowing that SCS' thin-film, pinhole-free Parylene conformal coatings will provide the ultimate protection for their life-saving devices.

For over 40 years, SCS had applied its medical coating experience and technology to support a range of medical device applications from elastomeric seals and forming mandrels to pacemaker components and stents. Biocompatible and biostable, SCS Parylene coatings provide medical devices and componentsexcellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier protection. Parylene also has a low coefficient of friction for applications where lubricity is important.

Medical applications include:

Stents; Cardiac assist devices; Electrosurgical tools; Cochlear and ocular implants; Mandrels and molds; Catheters; Elastomeric seals; Needles and epidural probes; Medical electronics

SCS Parylene benefits include:

Ultra-thin and conformal; Biocompatible and biostable; Excellent moisture and chemicalbarrier; Excellent dielectric properties; Dry-film lubricity; Thermal stability; Excellent crevice and multi-layer penetration; Ultra-thin film adds minimal mass to delicate components