EIT Health Germany will fund six promising start-ups with innovative solutions for healthcare and disease control --


Climedo Health GmbH

EIT Health Germany will fund six promising start-ups with innovative solutions for healthcare and disease control

"After the second evaluation cut-off date on 16th June 2017, the German Co-Location Center (CLC) of EIT Health announced six winners of the German EIT Health Head Start Programme 2017.

25 eligible project proposals have been received and external reviewers have evaluated the projects independently in the categories: Project Excellence; Commercialization Potential and Market Strategy; Project Impact.

The Head Start Programme provides fast-track project opportunities with a focus on German or Swiss micro and small enterprises (<50 employees), spin-offs and start-ups, funded to rapidly initiate their activities. With a funding of up to € 50,000 for a maximum of one year the grant supports the applicants in realizing next steps towards the market for innovative products and services. In addition, the successful applicants get access to a European network of world leading medtech, biotech, pharma and IT companies as well as world class research organizations in healthcare and top universities. They will benefit from unique services in crucial areas such as clinical validation (living labs and test beds), market preparation and internationalization provided in EIT Health Accelerator programmes such as GoGlobal (MedTech and Digital) or Launchlab. The winners will get early access to the EIT Health Investors Network, which brings international investors together (VCs, Corporate VCs, Business Angels, Crowd Investors) in order to boost the winner’s business idea and to support the participants to increase their visibility across Europe. (...)

Project Title: Implementation of an IT infrastructure for improved medical research
Name of Organisation: Climedo Health GmbH
Website: www.climedo.de
Brief description: Climedo supports the research activity at hospitals by providing doctors with an intelligent software solution to efficiently collect, archive and visualize clinical and biomedical data throughout their research process. Current inefficient management of medical research data in university hospitals, mainly caused by a lack of IT infrastructure, leads to massive losses in quality, time and money. European hospitals need to be fully equipped with smart systems in order to better support doctors in their difficult judgements regarding the interpretation of medical research outcomes. This will ultimately lead to more effective therapies. In the scope of the EIT Health grant, Climedo will conduct a customer-centric software development project at a well-known German university hospital to enable them conduct their research projects more effectively and efficiently."
- Christine Neumann, Communication Manager at EIT Health