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ProTaqs®Clear a new Intermedium


At present, xylene is an intermedium used in relatively large quantities in histology and cytology laboratories. However, its toxic affect on humans has increasingly caused comments of users. From the viewpoint of preventive health protection, it is necessary to find an alternative to xylene.

ProTaqs®Clear is an intermedium that can be used as alternative to xylene. It is characterized by the following advantages:

- saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon
- percent of aromatics < 0,01%
- inflammable, only harmful if swallowed
- no hazard to health and environment
- odourless
- evaporation and saturation concentration in the air, 6 times less than xylene
- good embedding, deparaffinizing, staining and coverspliping of slides
- results comparable with xylene
- applicable in embedding and staining equipment
- applicable in combination with solvents and reagents
- optimum embedding with the resinous embedding agent ProTaqs®
PARAmount, other embedding agents applicable