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ICW integrates medisign Health Professional Cards into Health Card Solution

Walldorf/Düsseldorf, November 17, 2005 – At MEDICA, medisign GmbH, DGN Service GmbH and InterComponentWare AG (ICW) agreed today to integrate the medisign health professional cards into the ICW health card system. These ID cards were officially introduced yesterday and are generated and issued in the trust center of DGN Service GmbH. They will be used as signature cards for physicians and pharmacists in the ICW health card field test in Walldorf.

With the medisign health professional cards, developed according to the specifications of the German Medical Association, and the ICW health card system, health care professionals and pharmacists can now digitally sign and encrypt e-prescriptions and documents securely in field tests and future model regions. All they have to do is insert the card into a card reader and enter a PIN code. The digital signature can be allocated to a person just as unequivocally as if that person had signed the document by hand.

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About InterComponentWare
InterComponentWare AG (ICW) is a leading international eHealth provider with locations in Germany, Austria, the USA and Bulgaria. It develops and markets components for networking the different players in the health care industry, among them the hardware connector Medical NTBA and the patient-focused personal health record LifeSensor, the technology leader in this field. As part of the German government-consulting consortium bIT4health, ICW has rendered important consulting services for the introduction of the electronic health card in Germany and is additionally involved in the Austrian eCard project. With its cooperation in national and international steering and work groups for the establishment of an eHealth infrastructure, ICW promotes the standardization aims in the health care industry.

About medisign GmbH
medisign GmbH, Düsseldorf, is the leading specialist for digital signature and encryption cards in the health care industry. So far, the joint venture of APO-Bank and PVS/Die Privatärztlichen VerrechnungsStellen has networked physicians, dentists and pharmacies electronically 3,000 times with the medisign card up to now. Basis for the stand-alone position of medisign is the systematic integration of the entire application spectrum of health IT on one card – ranging from PC banking with eTAN and the online private billing dialog PAD and KZV online-communication pursuant to the ZOD standard up to German electronic tax declarations (ELSTER) of the public administrations.

About DGN Service
DGN Service GmbH, Düsseldorf, is the leading IT service provider for the health care industry. By now the company already has approx. 35,000 academic health professionals as well as over 70 organizations and companies among its customers. With its brands D/G/N, DZN and aponet Professional, the subsidiary company of APO-Bank systematically bundles its target group-specific activities for physicians, dentists and pharmacists – besides the closed security environment for online access in doctor’s practices and pharmacies also advanced job-specific security and IT services. For companies and organizations in the health care industry, DGN Services realizes the implementation of IT projects and offers stand-alone know-how advantages especially for transaction-oriented and auditing-proof processes ranging from advanced computing center services up to trust centers complying with the signature law.