Solutions for the automated infeed and loading of medical products increase efficiency and pro-cess reliability --


MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

Solutions for the automated infeed and loading of medical products increase efficiency and pro-cess reliability

 Presentations from MULTIVAC at this year's Compamed will include solutions for the automated infeed and loading of medical products within the pack-aging procedure. In addition to a syringe infeed system for loading pre-filled glass or plastic syringes with process reliability and con-trol, these will also include handling modules and carrier systems. They ensure that optimum product protection is achieved, as well as raising the efficiency of the entire packaging line and increasing process reliability.

A packaging line for the GMP-compliant thermoforming packaging of medical products will give an example of how intelligently used auto-mation components can make the packaging procedure more secure, hygienic and reliable. The line is equipped with an automatic syringe in-feed system. The infeed system consists of a product infeed conveyor, a separating wheel, a trapezoidal belt, a 3-axis robot and a H 242 han-dling module. It enables up to 300 pre-filled glass or plastic syringes per minute to be loaded into the pack cavities with process reliability and control. All the modules are synchronised with the thermoforming pack-aging machine and can be operated via its control terminal in a very convenient way.

But there are also many other automation components available for ori-entating, separating and infeeding a wide range of medical products. MULTIVAC's wide product range comprises a large number of belt and carrier systems as well as specific infeed systems, which can be designed individually to the product-related requirements depending on the

 products being packed and the particular upstream pro-cesses. As an example, needles and syringe plungers , which are sup-plied to the line as bulk products, can be separated by means of vibrat-ing units and centrifuges, before being transferred in single or even sev-eral rows to the packaging machine. Syringes, bags, ampoules and vials can be presented to the machine by means of separating units and transport conveyors, which are specifically matched to the product. The examples mentioned above show, how the individual products are pre-pared by the infeed system in such a way, that they can be precisely po-sitioned for picking up by a robot and loading into the pack cavities.

In addition to this, MULTIVAC will also be exhibiting at the trade fair a wide range of handling modules, which can be equipped individually with a variety of kinematics and easy-change gripper systems for load-ing the pack cavities accurately and hygienically. These handling mod-ules can also be used for unloading the finished packs from the ma-chine and transferring them to downstream equipment. The grippers are matched exactly to the particular product, which is frequently very light or sensitive. This minimises the fault rate and ensures that a high level of pack quality is achieved.

Thanks to their design and particular features, all the system compo-nents are characterised by their high level of GMP compliance. They can easily be integrated into the control unit of the particular packaging machine.