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Therapy against pain without Drug Side Effect – Medical Product for self treatment of the patient.

Therapy against pain without any Side Effects – Medical Product for self-care.
High-Tone Frequency Therapy advanced. Mobile, easy and economic.
Indications Pain in the joint and in the back (arthrosis), menstrual pains and other

The long-term use of analgesics often leads to undesirable or harmful side effects. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Bern in Switzerland, these side effects can be even cardiac or cerebral infarction and can lead to death. Thus, therapy methods have been sought to work without these side effects.
The WeWoThom GmbH developed and produces an easy to use and effective miniature medical device against back pain, joint pain, muscle tension, and menstrual cramps.
Our solution - WeWoThom MP - is easy to use for everyone and has several advantages, e.g. a high-efficiency as well as less cost for the user.
With WeWoThom MP, pain can be treated in any situation, e.g. at work on the road or during sleep. Because of the small size, the device is unnoticeable and can be worn under the clothing discreetly.
Today's situation in healthcare forces patients to choose between treatments with low cost and avoiding side effects. Patients prefer self-treatment at a low price in a pleasant atmosphere at home or even better, on the go. Compared with the time-consuming visits at doctors' offices, the treatment does not affect the daily routine.
Therefore WeWoThom meets the latest trends of patients' preferences and market interests.
Since the first release of the device, patients have even more advantages. Battery replacement is now possible easily, leading to an 84,5% saving in costs. But most important, recent improvements to the device and its software lead to a significant increase in treatment success, and reduction of the drug intake, not only for the next marathon.
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