3B Scientific GmbH

3B Scientific is happy to launch an affordable and realistic suturing pad to give you amazing suturing training at the best price!

Introducing the New P22 Suture Pad
For affordable, safe, and realistic suture training!

Crafted with precision and innovation, P22 is a double-sided suture pad from 3B Scientific made of three layers of high-quality 3B silicone skin - mimicking the texture and feel of human tissue. As you practice various suturing procedures on this pad, you'll be amazed by the sensible experience of touch it offers, closely resembling the experience of suturing real skin.

Master different suturing procedures with ease!

Offer your students an authentic suturing and stapling experience with P22 without the need to equip your lab with cadavers, allowing them to learn and practice procedures like:

  • Single interrupted suture
  • Continuous suture
  • Intracutaneous suture
  • Skin stapling
  • Z-Plasty suture
  • Subdermal suture
Benefits of using P22 to enhance your suturing skills
  • Offers a safe and realistic suture training experience
  • Silicon layers mimic the texture and feel of human tissue for a realistic experience
  • Proprietary base allows for the application of skin tension, simulating different scenarios
  • Flexibility to cut wounds to exact training requirements 
  • Enables practice of cutting techniques with precision and accuracy
  • Durable pad allows for multiple repetitions of suturing on the same cut
  • Provides a controlled environment for refining suturing skills

Did you know?

You can inflict wounds independently wherever needed on the 3B Scientific® Suture Training Arm. With its movable hand and fingers, even challenging sutures in hard-to-reach places like between the fingers can be practiced. Add the P101 Suture Training Arm along with P22 Suture Pad for the most comprehensive suture lab.