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How a new cardiovascular filtration system is reducing stroke risk during TAVI

When Franco Osta was looking for a medical mesh for his start-up AorticLab, he needed one that was not only safe for use in heart surgeries but was finer that anything currently on the market.

Based in Colleretto Giacosa, Italy, AorticLab’s innovative embolic protection device ‘Flower’ uses exclusive ‘Catch & Flow’ technology which combines cutting-edge design with an ultra-fine mesh. Folded inside the catheter tube used by a cardiologist during Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implant (TAVI) heart procedures, the device is positioned inside the aortic arch, like a flower, to reveal a close fitting exceptionally fine mesh that catches and holds tiny pieces of debris dislodged during the valve implant without making any impairment to the normal fluid-dynamic conditions.