Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH

Kendrion’s new Miniature Solenoid Valve 63.0 BI: Precision and reliability for mobile medical equipment

Kendrion, an experienced valve manufacturer, has expanded its 63.0 10mm valve line with a bistable version. Unlike monostable valves that assume a stable position during power loss, bistable valves can hold their current position without electricity. This characteristic holds paramount importance in life-sustaining systems, significantly prolonging battery life due to the power-off retaining feature.

The quick electrical pulse required for actuation not only reduces coil heating but also prevents heat transfer to the controlled medium—an essential consideration for maintaining medium integrity. The 10mm bistable valves come in 2/2 or 3/2 configurations, customizable to meet unique customer requirements, rendering them ideal for a range of neutral or medical gases.

Mobile medical equipment such as respirators and oxygen concentrators play a key role for patient care. Miniature solenoid valves are an essential component in these devices. They offer an exceptional balance of affordability, dependability, and functionality. Particularly in applications powered by batteries or mobile energy sources, electrical power consumption stands as a critical parameter in selecting an appropriate solenoid valve.
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