Microdul: Pioneering Solutions, Challenging the Norm

In today’s rapidly evolving society, there is an ever-growing need for wearables and monitors with minimal power consumption. Consider this: we can seamlessly integrate touch-sensing, time-based functionality, temperature-sensing capabilities, and power switches into an ultimate wake-up chip. It is clear that the more options we provide our customers to conserve system power when these devices are not in active use, the better. And this happens to be our forte.

Dr. Jens Muttersbach elaborates, ‘We extend an open invitation to potential customers to challenge us to create and manufacture a state-of-the-art wake-up ASIC tailored to their specific needs. Our primary focus is on keeping power consumption to an absolute minimum, activating it only when necessary. At Microdul AG, we harbour a deep interest in advancing the cause of energy harvesting. Our goal is to enable you to manufacture sustainable products of the utmost quality.’

Contact Jens Muttersbach at, Director Semiconductors, to discuss your ideas.