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PI Ceramic Presents Piezo Solutions for Microfluidics at COMPAMED 2023

At this year's COMPAMED trade fair in Düsseldorf (Germany), the focus of PI Ceramic will be on piezo solutions for microfluidics. Microfluidic applications can benefit from the properties of piezo technology. Piezoceramics are widely used in this field because of their compact size, high speed, accuracy, and low energy requirements. For the first time PI Ceramic will also present a new class of power ultrasonic transducers - the Langevin transducer.

 From November 13 - 16, 2023, at the IVAM joint stand in Hall 8a, Stand 8AH23 PI Ceramic will present the extensive solution potential of piezoceramics for microfluidics at COMPAMED 2023. Microfluidics is the key to numerous applications in the diagnosis and therapy of a wide variety of diseases. These range from liquid handling in instruments for in vitro diagnostics, e.g., for PCR tests; to dispensing systems such as micropumps for insulin or painkillers, or the generation of aerosols in nebulizers for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In these applications, piezo elements have many advantages due to their compact size and low energy requirements. PI Ceramic is a capable partner - with more than thirty years’ experience in developing and manufacturing piezoceramic elements and subsystems for microfluidic systems. The team of experts on site will be happy to discuss specific challenges with interested parties and provide valuable impetus, i.e., in a keynote speech as part of the IVAM panel. For more information on PI Ceramic's solutions for microfluidics, see

 A New Class of Power Ultrasonic Transducers

At the COMPAMED, for the first time, PI Ceramic will also present a new class of power ultrasonic transducers. These so-called Langevin transducers are used in the preparation of microfluidic samples. In these transducers, piezoelectric rings create ultrasonic waves, which are then amplified to the tip of the device to initiate vibrations in the target media. As well as in microfluidics, this principle can also be used in many other applications in medical technology, for example, the aspiration of tissue, phacoemulsification, or ultrasonic scalpels.

Langevin transducers can be tailored to meet specific application requirements for power consumption, transducer material, resonant frequency, or amplitude. Suitable driver electronics are also provided as part of the offer. To ensure the best possible piezo systems, PI Ceramic also offers virtual prototyping: Simulation images enable fast, precise, and cost-effective tuning.

PI Ceramic in Brief

Redefining the limits of what can be measured and moved - together with our customers. As a global partner with more than thirty years of expertise, PI Ceramic develops and manufactures sophisticated piezoceramic components and subsystems for applications in the areas of medical technology, industrial ultrasonic technology, and precision dosing. At the site in Lederhose (Germany), one hundred of the current 430 employees work in research and development. PI Ceramic is part of the PI Group, the innovation and market leader in high-precision positioning technology.

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