Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH

Redesign of the Power Pinch Valve: Impressive clamping force for custom applications

Last year, Kendrion introduced the original version of the Power Pinch Valve. This year, we are unveiling an enhanced standard solution for the Power Pinch Valve. This innovative pinch valve has bid farewell to its plastic housing, enabling even easier integration into custom applications. Additionally, it can be optionally purchased with various pre-prepared clamps, ensuring maximum adaptability and accommodating tubes with diameters ranging from 4 to 7 mm.

The Power Pinch Valve sets new standards with its impressive clamping force of up to 42N, all while maintaining a tube-friendly clamping geometry. This means it can reliably clamp not only silicone tubes but also robust PVC. It is the ideal choice for applications requiring precise measurement, filling, or control of liquids, making it the optimal solution for dialysis. The medium flow is controllable in both directions, eliminating dead spaces. Furthermore, the Power Pinch Valve is suitable for use with highly aggressive media, thanks to two sealing systems that ensure a secure separation between the medium and the valve.
Pinch valves are crucial for precise fluid control tasks, especially in the field of laboratory and analytical technology.

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