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Stäubli Robotics to reveal next-generation medical robotics at MEDICA 2023

Innovation through collaboration in medical technology

Stäubli Robotics returns to MEDICA on November 13 - 16 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. In Hall 10, Booth A27, the medical robotics pioneer will demonstrate how Stäubli robots bring greater efficiency and safety to patient care and medical manufacturing. The spotlight will be on robotic systems developed in partnership with world-class medical technology and device manufacturers – including a robotic platform for treating inoperable tumors as well as a system that helps medical device developers create prototypes and proofs of concept.

MEDICA is one of the world’s largest medical B2B trade fairs. With a focus on five “spheres,” including medical technology and devices, digital health, lab and diagnostics, physio tech, and disposables, it showcases the latest in medical imaging, laboratory technology, healthcare IT, mobile health, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, medical consumables and more. The event brings together more than 4,500 exhibitors and over 81,000 visitors from all over the world.

Stäubli Robotics has been active in medical robotics for 30 years, working in close collaboration with specialized medical technology and device manufacturers to develop groundbreaking and even life-changing solutions. Stäubli robots work hand in hand with health professionals as medical and surgical assistants in invasive and non-invasive procedures and rehabilitation.

Stäubli evolves its products to ensure compliance with current ISO 13485 standards and, together with its partners, incorporates the latest advances in motion sensors, imaging and other technologies which are driving the medical robotics market. Its portfolio includes a range of six-axis robots that meet the market’s need for optimum precision, rigidity, patient safety and cleanability.

Robotics in cancer treatment: more innovative, less invasive

At MEDICA, Stäubli will exhibit Epione®, a unique robotic platform developed in partnership with French firm Quantum Surgical, whose mission is to enable better-targeted, less invasive treatments. Its flagship product, Epione allows physicians to treat inoperable tumors in the liver, kidney, pancreas and lungs through percutaneous ablation. This technique makes it possible to treat tumors that are difficult to reach due to their size or location. Instead of a scalpel, the Epione ablation system uses a robotic arm from Stäubli, a navigation system, and a camera.

Epione was CE marked for abdomen and lung indications in Europe and FDA cleared for abdominal tumor ablation in the United States in 2022. Since then, more than 250 patients have been treated in France and the U.S. This year Quantum Surgical obtained market authorization for the use and commercialization of Epione in China. And in October, Quantum Surgical was awarded the 2023 JFR Innovation Prize for Epione in the Interventional Imaging category.

Prototypes and proofs of concept made simpler with robotics

The development of medical device prototypes and proofs of concept is notoriously difficult, posing major obstacles to realizing ideas with great potential. At MEDICA, Stäubli will demonstrate a new robot-based solution called RomedX. Allowing rapid integration, RomedX speeds up the process of developing prototypes and proofs of concept, helping medical device developers and manufacturers bring new devices to market.

RomedX is the result of a partnership between Stäubli Robotics, French design and engineering firm Conicio, and SQI (SurgiQual Institute), a French software developer specializing in medical technologies. RomedX brings performance and precision to the prototyping process with a Staübli robot; complete digital integration focused on precision, safety and ergonomics, provided by SQI; and a design adapted to medical use, courtesy of Conicio. For the demo at MEDICA, Staübli is adding a dedicated hand-guiding mode for medical robotics applications to its TX2-60L robot.

Experts from Stäubli’s Medical Robotics team will be on hand to demonstrate both robotic systems and to discuss new applications in medicine and how the company can help bring more medical innovations to life through partnership. Attendees are encouraged to visit the team at Hall 10, Booth A27 and discover how Stäubli Robotics supports medical technology and device manufacturers for the benefit of patients everywhere.