WorkinProgress Bio-Medical S.r.l.


Microdefender is a system conceived, built and marketed by Work In Progress Bio-Medical Srl, a Milanese company of research and innovation for the development and production of innovative products and services with high technological value in the health sector. A reality certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485: 2016.
Microdefender is an advanced system consisting of several devices connected to a management platform able to control and track in real time the results of each disinfection, disinfestation and deodorization treatment. Each device is used depending on the type of environment to be treated and on the microbiological-qualitative goals that the customer wants to reach. Once the data have been received, on the platform it is possible to visualize h24 reports, statistical graphs and a certificate, with legal value, summarizing the operations carried out.
SIA is a tool positioned within every environment that allows to identify the area to be disinfected and deodorised in a unique and error-free manner. The system - installed only by Work In Progress Bio-Medical specialized technical personnel - works through an encrypted coding which contains all information relating to the architectural and volumetric characteristics of the environment.
Automatic calibration of each device.
Thanks to the SIA tag / QRcode, the calibration of the devices takes place automatically with extreme precision, determining the quantity of product to be used and their operating time, information given to the operator thanks to the monitor present on each device.