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Efficient, lightweight and ergonomic wheelchair system

SYDRIVE, a brand under the JIECANG Group, is committed to designing and developing electric wheelchair systems, applying servo motors, sine wave vector control and actuators to provide safer and more efficient movement, and always think about ergonomics and comfort in wheelchairs.

In 2021, the consumption of electric wheelchair systems is expected to have an annual growth rate of more than 15%. Emerging markets such as Russia, the Middle East, India, and Brazil will have a relatively rapid growth.

Chinese manufacturers now have become the mainstream of wheelchair system suppliers, and a large number of Chinese wheelchairs are exported overseas. Last year, the global consumption of electric wheelchairs was about 4 million units. Among the two major markets for electric wheelchairs, China accounted for 1.3 million units, and the United States accounted for 1 million units.

In-house R&D servo motor leads the market
The servo motor is extremely controllable, and there is a high-precision magnetic encoder for speed sensing. In its working state, the maximum speed of the wheelchair is up to 10 km/h, and it can theoretically travel 24 km with a 10-Ah battery, far exceeding the market average.

Lightweight design concept
SYDRIVE servo motors are smaller, which means that the motor takes up very little space. The compact design provides design freedom. The total weight of a single motor is about 2.8 kg, which makes the total weight of the finished product lighter.

Sine wave vector control method improves control accuracy
Use the linear Hall sensor and correct the angle with an algorithm to ensure the control more accuracy. The control box will get speed and steering feedback to ensure the best performance of the motor. It enables wheelchair to travel at an extreme low speed and allows the wheelchair to travel in a small space.

Double brakes for user safety
Double brakes have many advantages. The most important thing is that the safety of users can also be guaranteed when the wheelchair is out of power. The electromagnetic brake and the electronic brake work together to increase the service life of the electromagnetic brake and reduce the noise when the electromagnetic brake is frequently switched on and off.

JIECANG actuators are available on system
JIECANG lightweight actuators are available on the wheelchair system, allowing wheelchair users to manage their body themselves, from adjusting the height of the chair to optimizing leg support or changing the backrest position, everything helps to improve ergonomics. Linear actuators JC35W1, JC35N6 and JC35DN are designed to improve the performance and comfort of modern wheelchairs.

Reliable R&D team and professional production line
Our R&D team has been engaged in wheelchair R&D for more than 3 years on average, and the earliest members have been engaged in R&D for 6 years. The new automated assembly line will be put into production next month, and the full capacity is expected to reach 40,000 sets/year.