Sensirion AG

Flow Sensor Solution for Ventilators: Patient-side and Accurate, Easy-to-Use and Safe

Flow sensor solutions for ventilators that include connectors and cable interfaces were launched in February 2019. They enable patient-side measurement of inhalation and exhalation flows. The different standardized variants are available to medical technology OEMs free of development and tooling costs. They are the product of the cooperation between the sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG and medical technology cable and connector specialist Nicolay GmbH.

The requirements for patient-oriented ventilation which takes individual pathophysiology of the patient into account represents a challenge to the manufacturers of modern ventilators. It requires highly accurate inspiratory and expiratory gas flow measurements. Classic sensors installed inside a ventilator and distal from the patient make it difficult to achieve the required accuracy. Nicolay and Sensirion took on this challenge and launched a sensor-connector-cable solution that provides accurate, patient-side measurement while delivering a reliable flow signal to the ventilator. The solution includes different options of cables and connectors in order to reliably transport calibrated and temperature-compensated output signals of the sensor back to the ventilator. These options also ensure, among other features, compatibility with a variety of communication protocols. This sensor-connector-cable combination is now also available in Distribution.