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MEDICA 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand G19


MEDICA 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 5

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Allgemeine Medical-Produkte

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Einwegartikel für Krankenhäuser

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Produktkategorie: Allgemeine Medical-Produkte, Einwegartikel für Arztpraxen, Einwegartikel für Krankenhäuser, Verbandmittel, Wundversorgung, Produkte für die

Sugi Absorbent Cellulose Sponge Material

Our highly absorbent absorbents, better known as Sugi®-Material is used in micro and macro surgical procedures in the fields of ophthalmology, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat), micro and neurosurgery and dentistry.

The absorbent absorbents are exceptionally efficient and can absorb approx. 20 times their own weight of aqueous solutions in a very short time and retain the same. A soft-elastic expansion is initiated and, depending on the area of application, a soft compression of the surrounding tissue is effected. Our absorbent materials, based on natural raw materials, do not adhere to the surface of a wound. The material can be individually cut to length and shape.

Sugi® properties:

High absorption velocity
High absorption volumes (17-20 times their own weight)
High tensile strength
Tightly bound fibers
Medication carrier
Non-fuzzing product
Odorless and tasteless
High bio-compatibility
Soft and elastic when wet

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Kettenbach is an internationally oriented family business based in Germany. It develops, produces and markets medical products that meet the highest quality standards under two business divisions: Medical and Dental.

Dental Business Division: Kettenbach is the specialist for complete solution systems in the field of dental impression taking. In addition to classic silicone impression materials, Kettenbach also offers materials for bite registration and a wide range of supplementary products such as mix systems, adhesives, disinfectants and casts, among others. Only this optimally coordinated system of materials, which takes into account every step in the impression process, can deliver the accurate results expected by dentists, dental technicians and patients alike. In addition to impression materials, Kettenbach also sets new standards in the field of esthetic dentistry with its tooth whitening product Visalys.

Medical Business Division: Kettenbach is one of the leading manufacturers of absorbent materials made from natural cotton and regenerated cellulose (Sugi®). For over 40 years, our customers around the world have relied on the universal applicability and high quality standards of our products.

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