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Medizinische Informationssysteme / Software (KIS)

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MD Link Integration Engine

MD Link is an integration engine that connects independent health care applications in hospitals and clinics, with interfaces supported by HL7 certified resources. By displaying data sources and processes as a visual solution, MD Link enables robust information exchange between legacy applications and commercial software. Built using Java TM technology, MD Link is powerful and portable – your solutions can be created and executed on any computing platform.  Interface development is managed from a “single screen” and utilizes drag-and-drop design to allow for rapid interface deployment. Its primary role is to coordinate and monitor messaging between the various data sources and stores associated with an organization’s healthcare applications.

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MDI Solutions offers integration software and services that connect clinics, hospitals and vendors. Their MD Link interface engine is easy-to-use and provides the means to connect to virtually ANY data source: HL7, Database Read/Write, XML, Text File Conversion, Microsoft TM Word to HL7, Web Services, Device Connectivity, Barcode and more. MDI will also be showcasing their patient flow and clinic management software, which includes solutions to manage the patient journey from self-registration and check-in kiosks (mobile device check-in via web) to room and resource management.

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