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Allgemeine medizinische Verbrauchsgüter

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ADfusion™- Hemodialysis Catheter

-PU Material
-Single/Double/Triple lumen
-Superior quality
-Catheter with clamp; 5ml syringe; Introducer needle: Guide wire with helper; Dialator; Catheter clamp; 7# needle; Injection site adaptor etc.
-Length: 5, 8, 13, 20,30cm (To the requirement of customers)

Product characteristic :

Soft Tip: Reduces trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and in-situ. The radiopaque catheter and tip facilitates vessel location when visualized by X-Ray.

Biocompatible Polyurethane: Tested for toxicity and hemocompatability, become softer in body temperature.

Easily-find under X-Ray: Sufficificently radiopaque materials ensures the correct placement of catheter.

Curved Extensions: The extensions are curved for jugular vein approaches to make the catheter more comfortable for the patient.

Rotating Suture Wing: Rotating suture wing provides secure external anchoring.

Antimicrobial heparin cap: Specially-made adaptor helps to avoid infection.

Multi-lumen available: Available single, double, triple lumen for infant and adult.

Compound-packaging tray:  Available lots components. Complete Set. Supplied with the economical basics for Seldinger Technique Insertion. Catheter vessel dilator, guide wire, introducer needle, and injection caps.

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 Advanced LifeSciences (ALSPL) started in 2007 by the partners of Surgimed that was started as a trading company in 1986 now is one of the leading manufacturers of medical disposables and devices in India. In Line with the legacy of Surgimed as a pioneer in launching innovative and high quality new technologies in the filed of health care to help suffering patients ALSPL has continued to follow the vision of manufacturing high quality and innovative products for better health care at affordable prices. ALSPL has joined hands with some world renowned manufacturers to manufacture medical devices and disposables locally in India so as not to compromise on technology and quality and still be able to offer products at competitive prices. Some of the niche specialties we are focussing on are Cardiac and Neuro Interventions and Surgery, Anaesthesia, Oncology, Nephrology and Radiology. Our R&D team is working in close cooperation with some of the pioneers and renowned physicians and in the process of developing some new and very innovative products for the first time in India to be marketed world over. We are already ISO and DCGI certified and in the process of CE and USFDA certification. Besides India ALSPL is already exporting products both in its own brands and OEM all across the world. Our aim is to get quality and affordable healthcare accessible to all at their doorstep. More details can be found on our website

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