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  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.02  Immunochemie / Immunologie
  • 03.02.01  Immun-Assay-Systeme


  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.02  Immunochemie / Immunologie
  • 03.02.02  Diagnose-Schnelltests


  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.04  Mikrobiologie-Tests
  • 03.04.03  Schnelltests in der Mikrobiologie

Schnelltests in der Mikrobiologie

  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.05  Infektionsimmunologie
  • 03.05.03  Sonstige Geräte zur Infektionsimmunologie

Sonstige Geräte zur Infektionsimmunologie

  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.06  Gentests, molekularbiologische Diagnostik
  • 03.06.04  Sonstige molekularbiologische Diagnostiktests

Sonstige molekularbiologische Diagnostiktests

  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.07  Sonstige Diagnostika

Sonstige Diagnostika

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Produktkategorie: Diagnose-Schnelltests

Human Diagnostics

These tests are based on the immunological capture of colored microbeads during its passage along a membrane on which the monoclonal antibody has been immobilized. Lateral flow are produced using latex particles which allow to distinguish different colours in the result and control lines (PINK/RED, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE). This fact makes our tests very attractive for the end-user.

We have been producing some of these tests for more than twenty years.

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Produktkategorie: Diagnose-Schnelltests

Food Analysis

Immunochromatographic one step test for the qualitative detection of casein glycomacropeptide (cGMP) in milk.

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Über uns


OPERON was established as a private Research and Development (R&D) laboratory in the field of Immunochemistry.

Now, producing immuno and molecular in vitro diagnostic products; exporting to over 50 countries.

We are the integral solution for your tests design and manufacturing difficulties.

OPERON offers to its customers the following services:  

o     Personalised Designs according to the needs of the customer.

o    Large scale production of tests specifically designed by the client.

o    Manufacturing in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) format.

o    Colaboration with other companies and public institutions in the development and manufacture of immuno and molecular assays for the detections of new biochemical markers

OPERON is seeking for more distributors worldwide. Currently the company has distributors in many countries. We are open to consider partnerships with organisations in other countries, which could imply development of new tests, technology transfer and/or joint ventures.

Website: www.operon.es

Sector: Biotech

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