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  • 01.01  Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
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  • 01  Auftragsfertigung: Komponenten
  • 01.01  Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
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  • 01  Auftragsfertigung: Komponenten
  • 01.01  Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
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Full Service Elektronik

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Sonstige Auftragsfertigungen

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Produktdesign, Produktionsentwicklung

  • 03  Dienstleistungen
  • 03.04  Design und Entwicklung
  • 03.04.02  Verpackungsdesign, Verpackungsentwicklung

Verpackungsdesign, Verpackungsentwicklung







OnDrugDelivery featured an article in its October issue titled “PATIENT-CENTRIC REUSABLE INJECTED DELIVERY SOLUTIONS OFFER MULTIPLE BENEFITS”. In this article, Bjørn Knud Andersen, Director, Front-End Innovation, and Head of Technology Accelerators and IPR, Phillips-Medisize, discusses the advantages of developing customised, reusable delivery devices in order to achieve patient-centricity. To read the story, click on the link: https://www.ondrugdelivery.com/publications/91/Issue_91_Lo_Res.pdf

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Phillips-Medisize partners with InterSystems to develop Connected Health Platform

Phillips-Medisize has joined forces with InterSystems to develop the third-generation Connected Health Platform. The integration of InterSystems HealthShare offers an information-sharing and analytics platform foundation designed for connected drug delivery devices, bio sensors and regulated Mobile Medical Applications (SaMD/MMA).

An estimated 50% of medications for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed. A 2017 Annals of Internal Medicine review reports that an estimated 125,000 deaths and 10% of U.S. hospitalisations are linked to patient non- adherence to prescribed medications, which results in over $290 billion dollars to US healthcare annually.

Matt Jennings, CEO and president of Phillips-Medisize: “Our collaboration with InterSystems brings together the information that matters— connecting pharmaceutical companies, providers, patients, and payers on the Phillips-Medisize Connected Health Platform through a unified healthcare medication record and powerful analytics that span the care continuum.”

Phillips-Medisize has previously developed an FDA-approved combination Connected Medicine solution to support patients and develop a deeper understanding of how they take their medication. They have applied this experience to the development of their third Generation Platform, built on InterSystems HealthShare, for the pharmaceutical delivery environment. The platform will enable pharmaceutical companies to connect medication and diagnostic information across their drugs and therapy areas on a single, unified platform at an exceptional scale.

Data collected by connected devices using the Phillips-Medisize Connected Health Platform can be shared securely to inform the patient and their healthcare provider when medications have been administered and can be combined with data from diagnostic devices and biometric sensors to generate further insights. Pharmaceutical companies working with Phillips-Medisize will receive an exclusive, secure private cloud.

Don Woodlock, head of the HealthShare Business unit at InterSystems, added: “Poor medication adherence currently yields unnecessary human suffering and significantly reduced patient health around the world. The collaboration between InterSystems and Phillips-Medisize aims to change that paradigm with a highly scalable platform to securely connect and aggregate data from rare diseases to many millions of patients across global geographies; encouraging patients in the most effective use of prescribed medications to improve outcomes.”

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