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Hristo Iordanov

Marketing Manager



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Our first-generation product, the RAPIDS TM assay platform, employs a revolutionary design to provide fast and reliable measurement of specific analytes in human whole blood.
All it takes to run a test is a simple transfer of blood or plasma specimen to the RAPIDS TM test cartridge followed by cartridge scanning inside a portable fluorescence reader.

- No sample dilution!
- No liquid reagents!

The utilization of a platform design allows for quick development of new RAPIDS TM tests for a wide range of medical conditions.
Our initial portfolio of RAPIDS TM tests includes biomarkers for:
- congestive heart failure
- acute myocardial infarction
- kidney failure
- pulmonary embolism
- preeclampsia

New products in development include multiplex RAPIDS TM tests for simultaneous measurement of multiple analytes in a single RAPIDS TM test cartridge.

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Rapids Solutions Canada is an innovative ground for development of high performance technologies for POCT (point-of-care testing) medical diagnostics. We develop solutions for fast, simple and reliable point-of-care tests while addressing the demand for accessible and cost-effective healthcare.
Based in Richmond, Canada, our team brings together professionals with extensive experience in design and development of point-of-care medical devices, from early-stage prototyping and reagent development to implementation of specialized manufacturing and quality control processes.
We are open to opportunities for collaboration with outside partners to accelerate growth and to deliver innovative products to our clients worldwide.
Our philosophy is that the challenges faced by the healthcare providers worldwide can only be solved by bringing together partners with a diverse expertise in biomarker discovery, clinical research, product development, manufacturing and commercialization.

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