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Produktkategorie: Trainingsgeräte

Cyclus2 Standard Version

Essential testing and training ergometer for training and research
Optimal for road bikes, time-trial bikes and mountain bikes

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Produktkategorie: Trainingsgeräte

Cyclus2 Recumbent Eccentric Trainer

Outstanding eccentric cycling ergometer for clinical and research applications

  • High intensity work with low metabolic cost
  • Increases concentric and eccentric muscle force and power production
  • Beneficial for cruciate ligament replacement rehabilitation
  • Beneficial for COPD / cardiac rehabilitation
  • Beneficial for coordination training / fall prevention
  • Beneficial for clinical research

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Cyclus2 - Raising the Bar in Cycling Ergometry

For more than 40 years sports scientists, sports physicians, coaches and elite athletes have relied on the innovative strength of the Cyclus2 ergometer for performance analysis and training. Whether as ergometer for standardized tests or as an all-year-round training device for the development of sports specific qualities, such as aerobic power, sprint power or maximal cadence – the Cyclus2 sets the upper benchmark for ergometers in the world of cycling. Packed with state-of-the art electronic- and information technology, the Cyclus2 ergometer provides excellent, accurate and reliable results whilst providing the highest level of functionality, variability and user-friendliness. Find out here about the outstanding and unique qualities of the Cyclus2 high performance ergometer!

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