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  • 01.01.06  Neurologische Diagnostik, Geräte und Instrumente

Neurologische Diagnostik, Geräte und Instrumente

  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.01  Diagnostik
  • 01.01.07  Schlaf-Diagnosegeräte


  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.01  Diagnostik
  • 01.01.13  Sonstige Diagnostikgeräte

Sonstige Diagnostikgeräte

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Produktkategorie: Neurologische Diagnostik, Geräte und Instrumente


The Surpass is a comprehensive, easy to use 2 to 8 channel EMG/EP/EEG workstation for clinical and research use.
The Stimulator control unit can be used for the stand alone as well as for the portable unit.
The modular design philosophy ensures flexibility and upgrade opportunities with a complete set of software and hardware options.
Using a common operating platform simplifies operation, increases productivity and quality control.
Our unique Quality Sorted Averaging method provides faster testing and saves your recording time.

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Produktkategorie: Neurologische Diagnostik, Geräte und Instrumente


Surpass II is a pioneering innovation in Quantitative Electromyography, Nerve conduction studies and Evoked potential diagnostics.
Designed based on our 30 years experience in Neurophysiology, it guarants the liability, performance, quality and affordability. Surpass II integrates the new hardware technology with the revolutionary modalities and sets new standard in Electrophysiology.
The new QSA averaging technique reduces your recording time up to 60%. The specially designed fully free programmable Multimodality Stimulator can be used to combine different stimuli for AEP, SEP, VEP and ERP applications.
Surpass II Digital Amplifier enables high quality high speed recordings and can be upgraded up to 24 channels easily. Its USB 2 interface eliminates analog noise interference and guarants reliable results.
The integrated 8-bit trigger in- and outputs provide the basis for complex stimulation. Both, the desktop and the portable version are based on MS Windows operating system with the MS Access Patient database and flexible report function. The color-coded control panel brings more efficiency in your daily routine.

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Produktkategorie: Neurologische Diagnostik, Geräte und Instrumente

EMS Neurostimulator

EMS Neurostimulator is a stand alone, innovative, multi channel unit for cortical stimulation.
It is used for electrical cortical stimulation, direct nerve stimulation and muscle stimulation.
The EMS Neurostimulator is an all in one system with built in constant current stimulator and up to 192 channel switching matrix.
Predefined stimulus protocols allow easy and quick use.
The stimulation is rotary and software controlled and the stimulus parameters are user configurable.
The Windows based stimulator software displays delivered current, voltage and the calculated electrode resistance.
EMS Neurostimulator is USB powered, delivers positive, negative and biphasic pulses in single, continuous and train pulse modes. The Stimulation intensity is adjustable in three ranges from 0-20 mA and the frequency ranges from 0.1 Hz to 1000 Hz, selectable in 0.1 Hz steps.

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EMS Biomedical

Expertise in Medical Solutions

We offer high technology, high quality products for electromyography and evoked potentials (EMG/EP), intraoperative monitoring (IOM), electroencephalography (EEG), cerebral function monitoring (CFM), brain motor control assessment (BMCA), event related potentials (ERP), ambulatory EEG (AEEG) applications, Electrical Impedance Segmentography (EIS) as well as complete range of electrodes and accessories.

Our mission is to create, design, develop, manufacture and market technologies that improve healthcare for the benefit of our patients, customers and partners.

Our vision is to use our experience in medical solutions to contribute to the whole healthcare community worldwide.

The members of our team provide over 30 years individual expertise in innovation, product development, business to business and business to end user commercial sales and support.

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